Kind Ads: Another blockchain step towards the end of the dictatorship of Facebook and Google

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We have recently talked in this space about the importance that blockchain technology is having in the aspect of equity in the handling of personal data, and the empowerment of internet users about their data, helping them to decide for the first time about what companies and under what conditions to share their data, and also receive a remuneration for a valuable asset like them.

Until now, inequality has been the predominant factor in the use and remuneration of personal data. This has been a factor of alarm to motivate solutions in which thanks to blockchain the panorama could change definitively in a short term.

Experts in the digital marketing and big data industry estimate that by 2022-23, that is, in just four years and a little more, data will be the most valuable resource on earth, and this is not an exaggeration.

Until now and for not much longer, companies called Data Brokers “scrape” and sell our data without our consent, depriving us financially and winning those companies hundreds of billions of dollars each year at the same time they endanger everyone by saturating everything with low quality data.

On the other hand, the conventional advertising system practiced by giants such as Facebook and Google, and to which the solutions we refer to here arise, very often does not work well at all.

The ads are aimed at helping to increase the profits of advertisers, but it happens that thanks to the excessive exchange of data, advertisers often end up targeting the wrong people, generating what we know as unwanted advertising bombardment.

This is a consequence of a disconnection between advertisers and their prospects. Large centralized companies often prevent advertisers from establishing a relationship with prospective clients and there are the problems.

For these reasons, new blockchain-based platforms are already emerging that are rightly aimed at eliminating the centralization that has hitherto prevailed in the business, and thus developing a system in which intermediaries do not take all the money.

So for example the people of Kind Ads have understood this and have designed their platform in which Internet users and advertising publishers win in a decentralized advertising network environment.

Kind Ads is an ecosystem built on blockchain in which users receive tokens in exchange for their data. Users can choose at any time who and how they can use their data and also specify the amount of advertising they want to see, thus avoiding the unwanted saturation of ads.

On the part of the publishers, Kind Ads is a decentralized advertising network in which they are rewarded more fairly and no fees are charged to advertisers. Seen as a whole, it is a network of reciprocal benefits for the parties involved.

An important aspect as well as regarding the remuneration for users for the use of their data, is that advertisers achieve a better relationship with them and their advertising campaigns will be better focused and therefore, with better results.

The Kind Ads utility token is the KIND, and is based on the ERC-20 standard we already know. This Token will be exchanged by users to enter and exit the Kind Ads Ecosystem. It is the exchange currency for all transactions in the ecosystem; users receive tokens in payment for their data, advertisers use the token to buy ads from publishers in the network, likewise they are paid daily through the tokens.

So we are seeing as thanks to these platforms until now the oppressive dictatorship of giants like Facebook and Google would see its end, giving way to a fairer and more balanced way of giving things in the advertising and personal data management business.

To know more details of the Kind Ads platform you can check your White paper and follow them on your Telegram channel.


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