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Justin Sun Lunch with Warren Buffett Gets a Venue Change

A look at Justin Sun activities in the past regarding his events and projects in the crypto space shows one thing the 28-year-old Tron and BitTorrent CEO likes doing things differently.

After winning the bid lunch for Warren Buffett Glide Foundation Auction charity lunch, Sun saw the need to change the venue of the lunch. He won the bid to have lunch with Warren Buffett after placing a bid of $4.56 million a record-breaking bid. Last year’s bid for the lunch was $3.3 million.

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However, instead of sticking to Warren Buffett tradition and hosting the lunch in New York at Smith &WollenskySun has moved the venue to the tech valley Silicon Valley in San Francisco. At the latter location, Sun is at home and will now make a statement for having moved an event that has been in one place since 2004 at Smith & Wollensky steakhouse.

While the primary goal behind the lunch is to raise funds for Glide, which goes out of its way to support homeless and addicts, this time around believes of the two people behind the lunch are at par. For Sun, he is a crypto evangelist who is working on creating new projects to push the sector in the next level. However, on the other hand Buffett is not into crypto. He has termed the whole industry as a gambling device.

But since the lunch July 25 is still on, for now, it is just a matter of waiting to see the outcome of the lunch as Sun and his seven friends try to change Buffett’s view towards Bitcoin in under 3 hours.

Although the exact venue for lunch is unknown, for Sun and his invited friends it’s an opportune moment to share a table with Buffett and have a chat. Furthermore, according to Sun, this is his moment to show Buffett the progress made in both the blockchain and cryptocurrency scene altogether.

Besides the $4.56 million used to win the bid, Sun has pledged to donate $100,000 to Buffett’s charity. While some crypto enthusiasts raise their concerns of where Sun got the money, for the homeless and addicts Buffett charity auction helps, help is on the way coming.

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