JP Morgan is Looking to Hire a Crypto and Metaverse Specialist

JP Morgan is Looking to Hire a Crypto and Metaverse Specialist

The renowned American bank, JP Morgan Chase is now looking to hire a Vice President and Payments Business Development Manager. The new hire will join the technology and payments team of JP Morgan while assisting with the web3, crypto, fintech, and metaverse fields. This latest move indicates that JP Morgan is aiming to target opportunities within the digital asset industry.

Many experts consider this a surprise move, as JP Morgan’s CEO, Jamie Dimon is a big critic of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Nonetheless, the bank has made a job offering post on its official LinkedIn account. It appears that the company is looking to hire someone who will guide the operations in “this sea of technological change.”

The job offer further states that the applicant should have a strong grip on technical knowledge. Also, the new hiring will be responsible to engage with financial regulators and other significant entities in this sector. Therefore, the job post is for someone who can cater to the strategic requirements of JP Morgan’s corporate clients.

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JP Morgan has listed several responsibilities in its job post. The new Business Development Manager will have to seek new payment opportunities within web3, crypto, fintech, and the metaverse arena. Therefore, they will analyze the demands and targets of crypto consumers to enhance the operational structure accordingly.

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Moreover, the new employee will have to stay hyperactive in dealing with users. It includes explaining regulatory requirements to the users. Also, they will carry out a competitor analysis to make more effective policies that will result in the long-term growth of the company. JP Morgan is only looking for candidates with a minimum of five-year experience in the fintech industry. Nonetheless, applicants with experience in the banking industry will be preferred.

JP Morgan has had a negative stance toward cryptocurrencies. Over the years, CEO Jamie Dimon and JP Morgan’s Chief Strategist, David Kelly have released statements against Bitcoin and other crypto tokens. However, the banking giant has stayed more flexible while dealing with the metaverse. Therefore, this new job offering might mark the beginning of a new era in JP Morgan’s digital asset journey.