J.M. Smucker and Farmer Connect Use IBM Blockchain to Trace Coffee Beans

J.M. Smucker and Farmer Connect Use IBM Blockchain to Trace Coffee Beans
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IBM announced a new partnership to provide blockchain solutions as tracing technology. 1850 Coffe, a brand from J.M. Smucker and Farmer Connect are the new partners that will use IBM Blockchain for tracing coffee beans.

1850 Coffee has started a program named 100% Colombian Coffee and tries to prove this offering using blockchain traceability. Its partnership with Farmer Connect will leverage IBM Blockchain to help consumers track their coffee beans. Customers can use a user-friendly platform to trace the bought coffee bean to its region of origin.

After integrating IBM blockchain, there will be a QR code on each of 1850 Coffee products. Users can scan that code and go to Thank My Farmer website. The website page shows real information about where the coffee was grown, processed and exported, and the location of its roast.

“They can also learn more about Farmer Connect projects underway to support coffee producers and their families in Colombia such as providing clean drinking water for schools; coffee seedlings for smallholder farms; school supplies for local schools; and sustainable water and agriculture initiatives,” according to the press release by IBM.

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Coffee beans have one of the most complex supply chains in the world. More than 25 million smallholder farmers produce green coffee. Using blockchain as the underlying technology for tracing beans, makes it possible for consumers to experience high-level transparency. Besides, they can directly donate to their farmers and improve their participation in a circular economy.

J.M. Smucker and Farmer Connect will use IBM blockchain to record supply chain events in coffee’s journey. This data includes which beans were used to make the coffee, wen they were rousted, parts and destinations within the trip, etc.

When the supply chain becomes more transparent for consumers, producers will show more commitment to producing high-quality coffee.

“Working with The J.M. Smucker Company has been a remarkable opportunity to shine a brighter light on the work of the farmers who grow the beans,” said IBM Food Trust general manager Raj Rao. “By combining blockchain and other technologies, we can give coffee drinkers the tools they need to feel connected to the region where their coffee comes from and even support the farmers and local communities through donations that impact local organizations and schools.”


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