IOTA Research Published November Status Update, IOTA 2.0 closer

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The latest research status update for IOTA is published. IOTA Research provides details about the recent findings and plans ahead toward the significant Coordicide milestone. Pollen testnet was one of the most critical projects in IOTA Research in the last month. IOTA community has been active enough to help the research team improve the test net.

Paving The Way Toward Coordicide

Coordicide is the next significant milestone for IOTA, and almost the whole community has been working on it in the past months. According to IOTA:

“Meanwhile, some of our teams continue proving all the Coordicide components through our internal validation tests. It is exciting to watch all these moving parts in motion, as we move towards the launch of IOTA 2.0.”

Next to Pollen testnet, the IOTA Research group has been busy working on multiple components like protocol, networking, and sharding.

As mentioned before, Pollen has been the most important project of the research group in this update. IOTA released Pollen testnet v0.3.0 last month. The addition of the distributed random number generator (dRNG) to the testnet was an essential update in this version.

IOTA Foundation added some details about Pollen testnet implementation:

“The team has also made progress on the mana branch. We have added new integration tests to make sure that both persistence and allowed pledge IDs work as expected. A new client lib has been integrated to easily interact with the mana API.”

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Research-oriented tooling was another critical update in the last month. IOTA team has been busy building these tools to study the mana branch better.

IOTA Foundation points to the exceptional participation of community members in developing the recent components. GoShimmer X-Team has been one of the most active contributors in the past month. 

Research and development activities on the IOTA protocol is another topic that IOTA details in the latest report. The team has been doing research and simulation to study the orphanage rate for Tip Selection Algorithm (TSA). The results were exciting, and the group decided to propose an improved version of the TSA. Also, they acknowledged the right results of the snapshotting proposal.

The network study group in IOTA Research is working hard on resistance features of the network. They have done many attack analysis on the system in the last month. According to the latest press release:

“Attacks tested include, but are not limited to, (i) malicious nodes exceeding their allowed rate, (ii) sending different streams of messages to different nodes, or (iii) combined attacks from multiple nodes at the same time.”

In the sharding group, testing and refining previous ideas were the main research project. The team has had various meetings to formulate the open questions about the fluid sharding idea.

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