IOTA Published Latest News From Research Department Including More Details About Coordicide

IOTA Published January Standardization Update
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IOTA research department published an update about the latest projects and programs. The new document consists of more details about Coordicide Specifications and the upcoming roadmap for that.


Naming the news Coordicide structures has been one of the essential activities inside the IOTA research department.

They have had multiple meetings with other members of the IOTA foundation to conclude on the naming of the structures so the internal and external developers of the IOTA community can understand the fundamentals of each specification and build applications more straightforward.

The naming leads to more progress in development as IOTA says:

“In conjunction with the naming process, we are close to finalizing, on a high level, the layout of messages and several core payloads. In order to name things, we need to understand what we are naming. This is an important step in developing a standardized protocol.”


Specifications of Coordicide have been another focus arear for the IOTA research department. The team claims on significant progress on the specifications and that blueprints and yellow paper will be ready soon.

GoShimmer will be the first implementation of Coordicide and intends to launch the testnet in the coming weeks.

The research team works with engineering to develop that project. After all, IOTA thinks the development of specifications of Coordicide will grow faster in the coming month.



Network congestion had been a significant challenge in the IOTA network for a long time.

The research department has had major progress addressing that challenge and proposes a protocol consisting of two modules on top of rate control.

The first module focuses on scheduling and prioritizing transactions. The second one, named rate settings, solves local congestions and is inspired by AIMD.

The current development on modules includes simulation and comparing with existing scheduling algorithms.


dNRG or decentralized Random Number Generator is another field of research and development inside the IOTA network. The research team is currently working on specifications for developers and additional security features for IOTA dNRG.

There have been some other programs handled inside the IOTA research department consisting of GoShimmer, Mana & AutoPeering, and developments inside FPG groups are some of them.


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