IOTA Published Research Status Update for January 2021

IOTA Published Research Status Update for January 2021
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IOTA Research division published a new update about Coordicide blockchain that focuses on progress and achievements in December 2020. The most important note in the latest update is that the pollen testnet is in the final stages and ready to become a real-world implementation of Coordicide. IOTA Research says there are still some works to do on Pollen to prepare for the launch of the Nectar testnet.

Final Steps Before Coordicide Launch

IOTA Research works with other divisions in IOTA Foundation to implement the core elements of the Coordicide blockchain. The latest report talks about their efforts on the Pollen testnet that is becoming ready for the next phase.

The most important update about the Pollen testnet implementation in the last month is the launch of Pollen testnet v0.3.2 and some other versions. IOTA released the v0.3.3 and v0.3.4 in the previous month, too. The new versions’ essential additions were the “addition of the FPC statement written in the Tangle, clock-based time to message metadata, improving the syncing processes.”

IOTA Research had some experiments on the Pollen in the last month. They tried a new database for the blockchain, based on Pebble. The update says that the experiments weren’t successful, and they decided to stay with BadgerDB. But the experiment on Pebble will continue.

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One of the essential tasks in the IOTA Research division at this stage is upon the Pollen Testnet Study Group. As the name implies, they thoroughly test the features of Pollen testnet to find the issues. They currently focus on the latency of the messages in the network but are not limited to that. According to the update:

“Another crucial point in IOTA is the tip selection algorithm (TSA). It is necessary for a quick finality of messages that the TSA eventually picks up every message. In other words, the orphanage rate should be minimal. To test several possible TSAs, we implemented a stand-alone simulator.”

Networking and sharding are other vital tasks in the IOTA Research group. They have been working on the baseline congestion control mechanism and finalized it. The networking team’s main task in the research division is to optimize the IOTA performance to become ready for the Coordicide launch.

One of the IOTA Network’s significant achievements in the last month was presenting two of their papers at international conferences. One of the articles was presented at IEE GLOBECOM 2020 and the other in SERIAL Workshop 20.

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