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IOTA published details about the migration process for tokens to the new Firefly wallet. A new announcement is posted that describes the necessary steps to migrate tokens. Chrysalis network will launch on April 28th, and users can migrate their tokens in the Pre-Chrysalis timeframe from April 21st to 28th. The migration process will be available after the Chrysalis launch, too.

IOTA in The Final Steps

Chrysalis is the biggest upgrade for the IOTA blockchain. It’s planned for April and will bring many new features we expect from Coordicide. The process for migrating to the new Chrysalis consists of many changes and updates. One of them is converting tokens to the new system that will happen soon. IOTA says Pre-Chrusalis migration is a great chance for migrating tokens to the new Firefly wallet. It makes tokens ready and interoperable for the Chrysalis network.

IOTA holders can migrate their tokens from April 21st, and the Chrysalis network will go live on April 28th. Migration will be available after migration, too. The migration process is simple. According to the announcement:

“After entering your seed, Firefly will create a new mnemonic and generate an EdDSA address on the Chrysalis network for your tokens. The heavy lifting is fully automated through the Firefly wallet, and token holders are guided by a simple interface. This post serves as a supplementary guide to automated token migration. Think of it as a side-by-side reference to make sure everything is running smoothly!”

IOTA’s announcement gives examples about both common and rare migration processes and how to handle them. One of the important notes about migration covers Ledger Nano users. Ledger Nano users can’t migrate their IOTA tokens in the Pre-Chrysalis step. They should wait for the network launch and migrate their tokens after April 28th. IOTA says, Ledger implementation for Chrysalis is ready, but there is no rush to include hardware wallet users in the current step.

Users that hold IOTA tokens in exchanges don’t have to do anything special for the migration. Exchanges will migrate the tokens for them to the new network. Another important notice is for those users who hold lots of small amount of IOTA tokens. They can’t migrate these amounts and should consolidate them first in Trinity.

Firefly migration steps aren’t complicated. You should download Firefly for your preferred OS (Windows, Mac, Linus) and load the existing speed by entering the seed or importing a file from Trinity. The next steps are similar, and tokens will be migrated to Chrysalis shortly.

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