IOTA Published Dev Status Update for March

IOTA Published Dev Status Update for March
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A new update about development stats is published on the IOTA Foundation blog. It’s about the latest development stats on IOTA, especially Chrysalis and the latest version of this blockchain.

The most important update is that Chrysalis is getting ready at its second phase to make the blockchain fully prepared to migrate to Coordicide. Monthly dev updates from IOTA mostly inform developers to be prepared for upcoming changes and migrations.

IOTA community is getting ready for a new version and a complete set of new features on the blockchain. The latest version, called Coordicide, relies on some stages, including testnet and mainnet updates. Chrysalis is the final stage before Coordicide. This version’s first phase was completed in August, and IOTA development teams are working on the second phase. March’s latest dev update tells that the final stages of deployment and migration are getting ready on Chrysalis phase 2.

IOTA Published New Details About The Upcoming Chrysalis Migration

The other significant update about IOTA development is that a new version of the Pollen testnet is released. Version v0.5.0 is now ready, and the most critical update is the implementation of Mana in that. Mana will be tested in Pollen before full implementation in the core network. The next step is to implement it into modules like congestion control, Fast Probabilistic Consensus (FPC), distributed Random Number Generator (dRNG), and autopeering.

The complete dev update from IOTA focuses on various parts of the development activities on the blockchain. Bee, Hornet, smart contracts, Stronghold, wallet, IOTA Identity, and IOTA Streams experienced updates in the past month, and all are getting ready for the final migration. Another important update is about IOTA Experience Team. This team focuses on testing and checking the new features and helping the development teams improve their products.

Smart contracts are vital components in the new version of IOTA. The blockchain aims to become a platform for dApps and hopes to attract as many developers as possible. The latest update about this section says:

“The team has released the first major version of smart contracts enabling our ecosystem to start to build. The release contains the integration of a multi-chain environment, secured by the Tangle, the “Layer 1”: Subnetworks, composed of Wasp nodes we call “committees.” These committees can run many blockchains in parallel on top of it without losing perspective of the environments that secures IOTA digital assets, the Tangle.”

The latest dev update from IOTA shows that teams are heavily busy working on the final migration stages to Coordicide. When the new IOTA becomes ready for the public, we can expect considerable growth in developers and users.

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