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Everybody is talking about the initial offers of currencies, ICO’s by its initials. Many blockchain-based companies and ventures have moved in this financing trend. In that context of developing a viable campaign, the idea of ​​ICOBOX arises, about whom we will talk in this post.

With the purpose of offering fixed price services to projects interested in selling their products and services through ICO’s,  ICOBOX ppears in 2017. Founded by Nick Evdokimov, Mikhail Raitsyn, and Anar Babaev, ICOBOX as part of its services package,  offers to its customers technical, legal and marketing solutions. It is an ICO solution “turnkey” for its customers.

But before delving deeper into what ICOBOX is, we will transcribe below part of the interview that Nick Evdokimov kindly granted us:

– Who is Nick Evdokimov and what is his experience in the area of ​​criptocurrencies?

– “I am cofounder and Vision Director of ICOBOX, provider of fixed price SaaS ICO solutions. I also founded numerous successful companies that conduct ICOs, including Cryptonomos. The community knows me as a creator of the automated website promotion system SeoPult. I also established and was former CEO of AppinTop – a successful automated platform for mobile application developers. I have written several books and articles on digital marketing and blockchain.

When the Ethereum platform was first launched in July 2015, I started to follow ICOs. The amounts Ethereum was moving then were relatively small – $ 3-9 million, but the scale expanded rapidly. We started thinking about creating our own platform that specializes in ICO services. At that time this niche was practically unoccupied.

I started working on ICOs in 2016 and founded Cryptonomos, a platform whose first ICO for Washington state mining giant Giga Watt raised more than $ 20 million. “

– What is ICOBOX?

– “ICOBOX is a platform created in 2017 by me, Mikhail Raitsyn, and Anar Babaev. We have created ICOBOX to offer fixed price services to projects interested in selling their products and services through ICOs. As part of its services package, ICOBox offers its clients technical, legal and marketing solutions.

The market is growing very fast, but ICO experts are few and far between, so potential customers have to wait months for the ICO agencies to work with them.

Meanwhile, many projects arise that are interested in carrying out their ICOs but struggle for money – even our relatively low price of 50 BTC is unattainable for many. – These companies will benefit from the launch of their ICOS token by ICOBOX.

Startups can carry out their own ICOs using our tools, and in some cases even do it for free. For this, we are conducting our first sale of ICOS public tokens. All the funds that we are going to attract through this sale will be used to pay for ICOBOX fixed price tools, which will be awarded to new promising projects to carry out their ICOs. The ICOBox team will preselect the projects of the applicants and present them to the holders of ICOS tokens that will select the best candidates by voting. ICOS tokens may also comment on the applicant’s ICO projects, giving recommendations to project teams and helping to form future ICOs. In return, the teams will give the ICOS platform and its chip holders a fixed amount of their future chips, which could be exchanged for ICOS chips with an average of 75% discount on new chips. Basically, it’s a quid pro quo: Startups can make their ICOs at a reasonable price, or even for free, while ICOS tokens holders can get new ICO chips at pre-sale prices, while providing significant support to new market participants. “

– What market needs does ICOBox respond to?

– “Due to the increasing demand for ICOs, this market is overloaded: a large number of clients are served by only a handful of agencies that provide turnkey ICO services. Its services are quite expensive, the process takes several months, and waiting times are very long.

We are pleased to make ICO technology available to interesting startups whose main concern is their inability to cover their initial business costs. With our own ICO, ICOBox is opening up crowdselling know-how, which in the past was only available to startups blockchain, to the entire business world.

ICOBox aims to stabilize the ICO market through mass ICO campaign production, which will facilitate its decentralization and diversification. “

– How does ICOBox help launch its ICO and what are the solutions provided?

-“ICOBox is a unique SaaS (software as a service) product that allows our customers to drastically reduce the cost of ICOs through the automation and introduction of templates and models in the three essential components of ICO:

  • Technology solution, consisting of a smart contract, an intelligent contract management system, and a book building platform;
  • Legal solution, consisting of review and recommendations on the legal concept of witnesses, White Paper, landing page and a set of legal user documents; Y
  • Marketing solution, which consists of a vast marketing strategy, prepaid social media traffic package and Bounty program configuration.

All of these services come with recommendations and consultations by experienced OBox IC experts in respective fields. Startups know their products better, so they are better positioned to customize our tools to their particular needs and launch their ICOs with our support. “

– How long does it take to prepare and launch an ICO through the ICOBox platform?

– “1.5 months: 2 weeks for preparation and 1 month for a public relations campaign. No need to wait: we can start working with new projects right away. I think this is currently the best deal on the market. “

– What happens if I do not have the capital needed to launch my ICO?

– “Many projects are struggling to raise funds to carry out their ICOs. These companies would benefit from our ICOS token launch. As I said earlier, all net proceeds from the sale of ICOS tokens will be used to cover the cost of ICOBOX services to help promising projects selected by the ICOS tokens vote. Funds to cover the cost of ICOBOX services are allocated on the basis of the standard price of ICOBOX services. “

– Is it important to consider local laws in decentralized systems?

“It is very important to note that the legal framework of the ICO is in the early stages of its development. One has to pay close attention to legal compliance. In some countries – for example, in Japan, cryptocurrencies are officially recognized, while other countries do not allow them at all. So before embarking on an ICO, projects must carefully contemplate their structure and use the professional services of the ICO if their teams do not have sufficient experience in carrying out ICOs. For potential chip holders, we recommend that you carefully study the White Parper of the project and carefully weigh the risks and benefits of each product.

– When will the service start?

“The sale of ICOBOX project fiches has already been launched; TokenStars (tokenization of celebrities, starting with professional tennis players, with Anastasia Myskina acting as project advisor) and ParagonCoin (Tokenization of cannabis infrastructure: The famous rapper The Game went public in support of the project). The holders of ICOS chips will vote on the selection of the first 10 projects that will be delivered to ICOBOX tools on October 2, 2017. “

The ICOBOX native ICO

The sale of ICOS chips is ongoing, and you can follow their progress live on ICOBOX´s website at

The ICOS platform is currently compiling requests for new projects for ICOs before the end of the sale of ICOBox ICOS.

All net proceeds from the sale of ICOS chips will be used to cover the cost of ICOBox services to help promising projects selected by the vote of the ICO holders, to carry out their ICOs.

Each ICOS card offers its holder the following rights: 1. Right to vote. Each chip gives its owner a vote that can be used at the discretion of the chip holder to select new projects for ICOs. The more chips you have the more votes. 2. Right to comment. Each card holder has the right to comment on the projects requested by an ICO through the ICOS platform. All the cardholders can comment on any number of projects, regardless of the number of their chips and the projects for which they chose to vote3. Right to exchange their ICOS tokens for the fiches of the new projects of the ICO.

The minimum purchase is only 1 ICOS token at the rate of 0.01-0.012 BTC.

The holders of ICOS tokens will vote on the selection of the first 10 projects that will be delivered to the ICOBox tools on October 2, 2017.

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