Input Output HK (IOHK) Releases the Next Version of Daedalus Wallet for the Shelley Testnet

IOHK Released Daedalus Wallet v3.3.0; What has Changed?
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Input Output HK (IOHK), the research and development arm of the Cardano blockchain platform, has released the new version of Daedalus Wallet, Daedalus 1.2.0-STN1, for the Shelley Testnet. This is IOHK’’s third Daedalus release compatible with the Shelley Testnet.

IOHK’s official Twitter handle made the announcement on Monday, July 6th. Testnet users can now try out Shelley features in a sandboxed environment using test ADA.

According to an article by Darko Mijić, the product manager operations at IOHK, the latest release adds delegation features, including delegation center, stake pools, and rewards functionally which are not available in Daedalus 1.1.0-STN1 release.

The new Daedalus 1.2.0-STN1 wallet is accessible for the Cardano Testnet website Shelley test users can now create “Shelley wallets, fund them using the Shelley testnet faucet, and delegate the stake from their wallets to a stake pool of their choice.”

According to IOHK, this functionality is added to allow users to experience earning testnet ADA rewards before this feature becomes available on the Cardano mainnet when Shelley goes live later this summer.

Here is the overview of new features that new release offer.

Delegation Center

daedaulus wallet 1

 The Delegation center displays the current epoch and countdown to the start of the next epoch on the Shelley testnet. According to Darko, epochs last for 5 days on Cardano mainnet but to achieve faster testing, this time has been reduced to only 6 hours on the testnet.

“This screen also displays the delegation preferences for Shelley wallets, including the list of pending delegation preference changes, which displays the epoch when a certain change will take effect,” reads the article.

Stake Pool

daedaulus wallet 2

Daedalus 1.2.0-STN1 release also features a Stake Pool screen that displays the stake pools that have completed all of the registration steps and are not operating as private stake pools. This screen has a small tiles type display to accommodate as many pools on a single screen as possible.

These tiles contain the ticker symbol of a stake pool, color-coded ranking number, and saturation indicator. The article reads:

“The most important feature of this screen is the stake pool ranking. The ranking is based on utility function and game-theory research that calculates which pools will yield the best return of investment if we delegate to them. This significantly simplifies the process of choosing a stake pool.”

Rewards Screen

daedaulus wallet 3

The rewards screen gives an overview of the rewards earned per wallet. The details about the earning can also be downloaded as a spreadsheet. The rewards are currently not spendable due to limitations to temporary limitations in this version. The wallet only shows the spendable test ADA balance.

Delegation Wizard

Delegation wizard allows users to delegate their wallet to the stake pool of their choice. The wizard can be initiated from the Delegation center or the stake pool tab. This wizard completely guides users from the selection of a stake pool to the final confirmation of delegation.

IOHK said that it would incrementally add new features to Daedalus to support the Shelley testnet during the Shelley rollout.

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