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Indorse, social platform for professionals

Blockchain technology continues to grow in acceptance for various applications. This is the case of Indorse, a new social network built on Ethereum, backed by business accelerator Blockchain Coinsilium, which is changing the landscape of social networking for professionals.

Indorse is run by a team of experienced entrepreneurs, engineers, and consultants who believe that the existing model of how people interact with online social networks is deeply unfair to the end user and flawed in the way the information is displayed.

Indorse promoters point out that networks like LinkedIn have never been able to pass the decisive test of accurate exchange of information. You can not simply rely on the information put by users on that platform.

Unlike traditional social media platforms such as LinkedIn, the Indorse network aims to empower users with their data and reputation management, allowing anyone to benefit from sharing their skills, activities and achievements on the platform.


Indorse was one of the first blockchain start ups to use the Etereum name service (ENS) to help combat phishing and fraud by scams that have affected some other high profile chip sales in recent months. This service makes it possible to use an easily identifiable and much more secure human readable character set such as Ethereum token addresses.

As a prevention against fraud and spam, the Indorse team has given a new approach to the personal and professional brand using smart contracts in the blockchain Ethereum. Compared to other block chains, Ethereum provides the calculating engine capacity and transparency needed for a decentralized economy to succeed and encourage its own growth.

Indorse will allow users to benefit from sharing their skills and activities on the platform through reward chips. We imagine a future without a server, decentralized, where users will build their profiles and benefit from their reputation. This future will require a decentralized platform in which others can judge the quality of a person’s profile not only by where they have gone to school, but also by what they have done in their professional and personal lives.

The Indorse whitepaper is available for download on their website.

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