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Indian Blockchain Company Partners With Government to Help Farmers Sell Their Products Directly to the Market


Indian blockchain and artificial intelligence company, Agri10x partnered with the government of India to develop tools for farmers based on blockchain technology. The new services will allow farmers to directly sell their products in the markets.

“This partnership will give Agri10x exclusive access to the government’s 5 lakh common service centres (CSCs) across India, through which village-level entrepreneurs (VLEs) would help farmers register on the Agri10x platform and help them sell their produce directly,” the company said in a statement.

Blockchain Serving Agriculture Industry

Agri10x is focused on removing the middlemen in the Agriculture industry and providing the opportunity for farmers to sell their products directly in global marketplace. More than one million farmers around the world are connected to the services of this company. Crop cycle monitoring, harvest and farm management are some the services Agri10x offers to farmers.

The company combines Blockchain with AI to first trace the farming products accurately and secondly analyze the data of the market to give fair pricing.

Agri10x categorizes its services to groups that are based on the time periods of farming. Pre Harvest services help the farmers with geospatial tagging, seed apportionment, crop colony analytics, and smart irrigation.


Other services include Post Harvest period that have some features like global e-marketplace and quality assaying modules. Some of the other services of Agri10x handle the financial needs in farming. Some solutions like smart card, peer-to-peer finance, crop insurance, and farming loans are covered in that section.

The new partnership between Agri10x and Indian government is focused on empowering Indian farmers to have better access to global markets and increase their revenue.

“The Indian farmers have been the unsung heroes of the Indian economy and we wanted to ensure that they get an easy access to a global marketplace to sell their produce directly, without any middlemen. Our aim is to ‘Connect Local Farmers with Global Buyers’ that would not only increase their income levels but will also massively boost employment in the agriculture industry,” Agri10x CEO Pankajj Ghode said.

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