Immutable Initiates Public Testing of its zkEVM

Immutable Initiates Public Testing of its zkEVM
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Immutable has recently announced the public testing of its zkEVM in collaboration with Polygon Labs. Development on the zkEVM network was initiated in March this year right after Immutable announced to the public its partnership with Polygon Labs. Furthermore, Polygon’s own Ethereum scaling zkEVM was launched on the mainnet on March 27.

As per the recent announcement, Immutable stated that its zkEVM would offer game developers access to lower development costs along with greater security and network effects that come alongside the Ethereum ecosystem. Back in March, the co-founder of Immutable stated that the zkEVM is mainly aimed at increasing the ownership rights for Web3 gamers.

zkEVM Continues to Lure Web3 Gamers

Since the announcement, more than 20 gaming companies have announced their partnership with Immutable. At the same time, more than 12 games have already started building their Web3 titles on zkEVM, proving that web3 gaming is booming. Furthermore, the zkEVM would resort to the use of zero-knowledge proofs to secure transfers between Immutable and Sepolia Ethereum.

This would make it easier for developers to test and understand how the mainnet version would work at the time of its launch. However, much to the joy of developers, it would become possible for them to port Ethereum projects with minimal charges as the network is fully compatible with Ethereum applications.

zkEVM Continues to Lure Web3 Gamers on Immutable

The team would also deploy an Immutable Relayer for currency abstraction as well as gas sponsorship. Currently, no specific timeline has been shared but analysts currently predict that this would happen anytime soon. It is also speculated that this would enable developers to create gas-less wallet accounts and that the network would eventually become irresistible to a great number of developers.

Immutable May Not be Fully Compatible with Ethereum

It is speculated that the network might not be fully compatible with the Ethereum virtual machine. If that’s the case, then Immutable X users must resort to the creation of derivative keys via a web interface in an effort to use the network. However, users should now be able to simply switch networks within their wallets to access the platform’s zkEVM.

Amid the ongoing development, the founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, has recently talked about the benefits and the potential drawbacks of zkEVMs. He argued that they might result in causing data inefficiency and might also cause latency issues, but might also drastically improve the scalability of Ethereum as a whole.


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