HyperPay Launches Support for Polygon

HyperPay Launches Support for Polygon
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HyperPay announced a new addition to its wallet, supporting transactions in the Polygon network with various tokens. The new support comes as a good opportunity for Polygon users to take benefit from a famous wallet.

HyperPay on-chain wallet supporting Polygon means easier access to services for users of this network. Supporting various dApps adds to this partnership, and new services will be added, too. Because of the various services and integrations that HyperPay has, Polygon users will now have access to a comprehensive storage and payment solution.

Better Usability for Polygon

Polygon’s daily active user is on the rise. This layer-two solution has been successful in finding new users and attracting numerous dApps. Many are migrating from Ethereum to Polygon, while others launch a specific version on this platform. New services and tools are needed to serve the growing community on this platform. Wallets are essential, and now, HyperPay will be one of the accessible ones for Polygon users.

HyperPay offers various services and claims to be the world’s first multi-ecological digital asset wallet. It offers a combination of solutions, including an off-chain wallet, HyperMate hardware wallet, on-chain wallet, and shared wallet. All of these solutions will be ready for Polygon users. But initially, only the on-chain wallet supports transactions and dApp. According to the announcement:

“We are thrilled to announce that HyperPay on-chain wallet is now offering support for Polygon. Now Hyperpay supports the sending/receiving and transfer of tokens on the Polygon chain. As well as DApps. Future versions will support more features, so stay tuned.”

There are numerous DeFi services, NFT platforms, and other decentralized solutions on Polygon, and the number of them is rising every day. A one-stop solution like HyperPay in this network means a lot for the community. This solution will answer all the needs of management, investment, consumer payments, and many more use-cases. When dApps deploy the HyperPay services on Polygon, they can offer more comprehensive solutions.

The new addition to the Polygon ecosystem may result in more usage on the network and even hype around the native token, MATIC. But Polygon is naturally growing, and weekly charts show that usage is increasing on this layer-two solution. Besides, the faster transaction opportunity, next to low fee gas payments, always attracts new users to this network. New services from HyperPay will surely help this more. HyperPay currently has more than one million users. These users may come to the new supported network and result in more DAU for Polygon shortly.

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