HTC announced Exodus 5G Hub; privacy-focused router able to run a full bitcoin node

HTC announced Exodus 5G Hub; privacy-focused router able to run a full bitcoin node

HTC Exodus 5G Hub announced. It is the first 5G home router capable of running a full bitcoin node. The company calls 5G Hub, “The world’s most private router.”

The first Bitcoin router

HTC Exodus is a subbrand of the famous HTC company that focuses on blockchain solutions. The brand has announced blockchain-based smartphones before. HTC Exodus smartphones feature digital wallets and some other useful tools for crypto users.

The new Exodus router is capable of delivering a 5G connection to gadgets. It also supports the Zion ecosystem. The ecosystem enables HTC router to support running a full Bitcoin node. The users can own their private keys using Zion inside the router. Therefore they verify the servers.

“This feature means the EXODUS 5G Hub is the ultimate safeguard against the collection of data by big tech companies in your home through smart devices like Amazon Alexa, Google Nest, Facebook Portal, and more”, according to HTC Exodus press release.

Phil Chen, Decentralized Chief Officer at HTC, believes HTC Exodus does not only intend to produce blockchain-based smartphones. He calls the brand as a solution for more ownership for users. It tries to deliver more tools for users to have ownership of their data and privacy.


Zion Vault is the most critical blockchain feature in Exodus 5G Hub that is present in the company’s smartphones, too. The users can view their cryptocurrency holdings like BTC, ETH, BNB, LTC, XLM, and popular ERC-20 tokens in the vault. Besides, it provides a social ley recovery that helps users recover their private keys in case of phone loss. The social key recovery feature lets the user add some friends and family members as trusted users, and the private key will be divided to them to recover when needed.

More features coming

HTC Exodus 5G Hub router and all HTC Exodus smartphones will receive some new features soon. ProtonMail email service, Brave browser, and Incognito VPN are some of the upcoming services for Exodus family products. The three will answer the needs of users who are concerned about privacy and data gathering on the web.