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How to Spend Your Coins

As increasing numbers of us turn to cryptocurrency to pay for goods or services online there are many people that still do not have much of an idea just how many things that you can purchase with the virtual coins.

Ok, well you might not be able to pay taxes using cryptocurrencies quite yet but there are still a lot of other ways to spend your Ether, Bitcoins or whatever you happen to own.

With Bitcoin still out ahead in the popularity stakes, Microsoft first started accepting bitcoin back in 2014 with a short pause in transaction in early 2018 during the crash, but then the feature was restored, and now you can use your bitcoin to buy movies, games and apps in the Windows and Xbox stores. What you can’t do is move the funds into the Microsoft Online Store but that could possible change in the future.

If you enjoy DIY and or making your home look beautiful then you might be interested in Overstock which is an online retailer which sells a multitude of things from smart home systems to children’s toys as well as interior design.

Overstock also started to accept Bitcoin in 2014 and today it accepts over sixty cryptocurrencies and supports the big coins like Dash, Litecoin and Ether.

Another industry which is accepting bitcoins as a payment option is the gambling industry with man of the best UK online casinos accepting various cryptocurrencies as funds for player accounts. In this way players will not have to give the online site any banking details and deposits are almost instantaneous.

Of course, there is also the plus point that cryptocurrency payments are anonymous which is also very useful for many people, and if you log into eGifter.com it’s possible to buy gift cards by over 250 brands using your Bitcoin, Ether or Litecoin. Gift cards are a great idea for friends and family especially if you are not quite sure what they would enjoy.

Some of the most well-known brands that are offered by eGifter include Dunkin Donuts, Uber, Target, iTunes, Mac’s and Best Buy.

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