Galxe Introduces Gravity: A New Blockchain with Faster Transactions and Improved Operations

Galxe Introduces Gravity: A New Blockchain with Faster Transactions and Improved Operations
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  • Galxe’s Gravity Platform: A new Layer 1 omnichain smart contract platform called Gravity has been introduced by Galxe, aiming to transform Web3 interactions with its high efficiency, scalability, and security for complex cross-chain interactions.
  • Innovative Technology & Integration: Gravity features advanced technologies like Zero-Knowledge Proofs and a staking-powered architecture for high performance and security. It’s set to integrate with Galxe’s ecosystem.
  • Gravity’s Launch Phases: The platform will launch in two phases, starting with the Gravity Alpha Mainnet in June 2024, followed by the full Gravity Mainnet in Q2 2025, showcasing Galxe’s commitment.

Galxe has unveiled Gravity, a Layer 1 omnichain smart contract platform that promises to revolutionize the way we interact with the digital universe. Gravity is engineered to handle complex cross-chain interactions with unparalleled efficiency, scalability, and security, setting a new standard for Web3 operations.

Gravity emerges as a groundbreaking omnichain settlement layer, designed for mass adoption and full-chain abstraction. It harnesses cutting-edge technologies such as Zero-Knowledge Proofs and a staking-powered architecture, coupled with innovative consensus mechanisms.

These features ensure high performance, robust security, and cost-effective transactions. By abstracting the technical complexities, Gravity offers a user-friendly experience, allowing users to engage with on-chain interactions seamlessly.

To cater to high-throughput applications, Gravity introduces a cross-chain settlement protocol that leverages its high-performance and fast-finality chain. This protocol enables applications to utilize Gravity as a settlement layer for user intents across any blockchain.

Gravity’s Integration with the Broader Galxe Ecosystem

Galxe Introduces Gravity: A New Blockchain with Faster Transactions and Improved Operations

Notably, Gravity will be integrated within the Galxe ecosystem, including products like Quest, Compass, Passport, Score, Alva, and Identity Protocol. This integration is expected to generate over 60 million transactions per month, doubling the activity of Ethereum, and positioning Gravity as one of the most active chains in terms of user engagement.

Key Features of Gravity include:

  • Cross-Chain Transactions: Developers can define and settle transactions across multiple blockchains, streamlining interactions.
  • Efficient Verification: With ZKP verification, Gravity ensures transactions are both economical and secure.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Gravity introduces cryptographic innovations like the secp256r1 curve, improving wallet authentication and user experience.
  • High-Performance Execution: Integrating the Reth execution layer and Jolteon consensus algorithm, Gravity achieves high throughput and near-instant finality.
  • Secure PoS Mechanism: Gravity’s Proof-of-Stake is fortified by G token native staking and protocols like Babylon and EigenLayer, promoting a secure network.
  • EVM Compatibility: Developers can seamlessly deploy and interact with smart contracts, thanks to Gravity’s full EVM compatibility.

Use Cases for Gravity are vast, empowering projects to create diverse solutions for the Web3 community. It simplifies asset management across multiple chains, facilitates intent-based transactions, and enhances the user experience with features like gas abstraction and omnichain loyalty points.

The Gravity Release will roll out in two phases. The Gravity Alpha Mainnet, powered by the Arbitrum Nitro stack, is set to launch in June 2024. The full Gravity Mainnet, featuring a restaking-powered PoS Layer 1 blockchain with Reth as its EVM execution engine, will follow in Q2 2025. This phased approach underscores Galxe’s dedication to excellence and transparency in cross-chain settlements.


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