Galaxy and State Street To Launch Crypto Trading Products: ‘Investors Gain Access to $2.4T Digital Asset Market’

Galaxy and State Street To Launch Crypto Trading Products: ‘Investors Gain Access to $2.4T Digital Asset Market’
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  • New ETFs Collaboration: State Street Global Advisors and Galaxy Digital are launching ETFs to offer investors exposure to digital assets, aiming to provide alternatives to traditional Bitcoin ETFs.
  • Digital Asset Ecosystem ETF: The SPDR Galaxy Digital Asset Ecosystem ETF will invest in a variety of digital asset companies, including exchanges, miners, wallet services, and venture capital firms.
  • Ether ETFs Development: The SEC is overseeing the development of Ether ETFs, with major asset managers submitting revised proposals, indicating a methodical approach to introducing these products to the market.

Asset manager State Street Global Advisors has teamed up with crypto investment firm Galaxy Digital to introduce new ETFs that provide exposure to digital assets. As interest in digital assets surges among both institutional and retail investors, these companies aim to offer investment options beyond traditional spot Bitcoin ETFs.

The proposed SPDR Galaxy Digital Asset Ecosystem ETF, outlined in a filing to the United States Securities Regulator, will invest in publicly traded digital asset companies.

This ETF will encompass a wide range of firms operating in the digital asset space, including crypto exchanges, mining companies, hardware wallet service providers, and crypto-focused venture capital firms in both the United States and abroad.

By exploring investment opportunities in futures and spot ETF products, the fund aims to provide diversified exposure to the digital asset market. State Street and Galaxy Digital’s collaboration reflects the increasing mainstream acceptance of cryptocurrencies and digital assets as a legitimate asset class.

According to Anna Paglia, Chief Business Officer at State Street Global Advisors, the digital assets landscape extends beyond individual crypto components, and crypto-native companies are best equipped to understand the ecosystem and its correlation with financial markets.

State Street Bank and Trust will be managing the administrative and accounting tasks for the digital asset ETFs developed by State Street Global Advisors and Galaxy Digital. State Street’s foray into the digital asset space started in June 2021 when they set up a dedicated division concentrating on digital assets.

Galaxy and State Street To Launch Crypto Trading Products: ‘Investors Gain Access to $2.4T Digital Asset Market’

While State Street was not among the recent applicants for spot Bitcoin or Ether ETFs, competitors who did launch such ETFs have witnessed significant inflows. Farside Investor data reveals over $14.4 billion recorded in just five and a half months.

Ether ETFs Launch Progressing

SEC Chair Gary Gensler has stated that the development of the initial spot Ether ETFs is progressing without issues. At a recent conference, Gensler chose not to disclose a precise schedule for the ETFs’ release and opted not to discuss the possibility of them becoming operational before the November U.S. elections.

He emphasized the importance of asset managers making full disclosure in their registration statements, which are required for the ETFs to become effective. Several prominent asset managers, including VanEck, BlackRock, Grayscale, Invesco Galaxy Digital, and Fidelity, have submitted revised proposals for Ethereum ETFs to the SEC.

These filings aim to provide updated information on their respective Ethereum funds. For instance, VanEck’s filing disclosed a management fee of 0.20% for its Ethereum fund, aligning with competitors like Franklin Templeton, which charges 0.19% in management fees.

In summary, the collaboration between State Street and Galaxy Digital represents a significant step toward expanding investor access to the growing digital asset market, while the progress of Ether ETFs remains closely monitored by industry participants and regulators alike.


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