FTX’s New Proposal Aims for Over 100% Return on Bankruptcy Claims for Creditors

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  • FTX has just unveiled a reorganization plan following its bankruptcy filing in November 2022.
  • The strategy promises recovery of over 100% for non-governmental creditors, yet it has sparked mixed reactions.
  • Creditors with claims below $50,000 could receive up to 118% recovery, while others may recover 100% plus a 9% interest.

The exchange FTX has unveiled an ambitious reorganization plan following its bankruptcy filing in November 2022. The new strategy promises to deliver recovery of over 100% for its non-governmental creditors. The announcement has elicited mixed reactions within the financial community.

According to FTX’s proposed reorganization plan, creditors with claims below $50,000 could receive up to 118% recovery within 60 days after approval by the Delaware bankruptcy court. On the other hand, other non-governmental creditors may recover 100% of their claims, along with up to a 9% interest to compensate for the time value of their investments.

The recovery plan is based on the estimation that FTX will be able to collect and convert assets with a total value between $14.5 and $16.3 billion. These assets include proprietary investments from Alameda or FTX Ventures and legal claims. However, several analysts and experts have expressed concerns about the asset valuation and settlement terms proposed by the exchange.

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Doubts About FTX’s Plan

Despite the proposal, some creditors have expressed dissatisfaction with the presented plan. Concerns have been raised about the inclusion of an exculpation clause that would shield FTX from potential misconduct allegations, as well as the perception that the plan would not fully compensate for the losses suffered by creditors.

On the other hand, exchange’s CEO, John J. Ray III, expressed satisfaction with the proposed plan and thanked all parties involved in the reorganization process. Ray emphasized that the plan envisages the return of 100% of bankruptcy claims plus interest for non-governmental creditors.

Despite the criticisms, many view this plan as a step in the right direction for the financial recovery of FTX and its creditors. The approval and execution process of the plan is expected to continue in the coming months, as the exchange seeks to resolve its disputes and move towards financial stability.


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