FTX to Resolve Dispute With Genesis for $175 Million

FTX to Resolve Dispute With Genesis for $175 Million
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FTX, a once leading cryptocurrency exchange, through its CEO John J. Ray III have recently taken a significant step toward resolving the dispute with Genesis entities. According to a court filing, FTX Trading has submitted a motion, requesting a court order to settle the dispute. This legal action aims to resolve claims amounting to approximately $175 million.

By seeking a court order to settle this dispute, FTX demonstrates its commitment to resolving conflicts via legal means and ensuring that parties’ interests are protected. Also, the decision demonstrates the exchange’s dedication to upholding transparency and accountability within the cryptocurrency space.

While the specific details of the dispute between FTX and Genesis have not been disclosed publicly, it is evident that both parties are committed to finding a resolution. By taking this matter to court, they are engaging in a process that will provide an unbiased judgment and potentially establish precedents for future disputes.

FTX Creditors Reacts to the Settlement

Notably, this decision has left FTX creditors feeling dissatisfied with the proposed resolution. As per a post on X(Twitter), FTX 2.0 Coalition said the exchange’s decision happens to be the worst so far, especially amid the Department of Justice (DoJ) investigation on Digital Currency Group (DCG) and Genesis.

However, the controversy stems from allegations that Alameda, an entity associated with FTX, transferred a substantial sum of FTX customer funds totaling billions to Genesis during the year 2022. As such, FTX creditors expect the Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors of FTX (UCC) to object to the settlement agreement, as the coins paid last year belong to FTX customers.

Likewise, the discontent among FTX creditors underscores their concerns about the financial dealings that transpired between Alameda and Genesis, which has now come under scrutiny.

Genesis Ceases Trading Operations Due to FTX Scandal

Recall that late last year, Hong Kong’s leading crypto retail operator, Genesis, announced that its trading platform would be closing down as a result of the FTX fallout. The company asked customers to withdraw their funds and specifically cited that it will not be accepting new clients.


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