FOX News Partners with Polygon to Launch a Layer 2 Blockchain

FOX News Partners with Polygon to Launch a Layer 2 Blockchain
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  • Polygon Partnerships: Polygon has partnered with Fox Corporation and Ronin Network, leveraging its zero-knowledge (ZK) technology to enhance scalability and security in blockchain gaming and media content verification.
  • Ronin’s Development: Ronin plans to use Polygon’s Chain Development Kit (CDK) for creating permissionless L2 chains, which could lead to more games and align Ronin with Ethereum’s AggLayer.
  • ZK Technology Trend: The adoption of ZK technology is growing among Web3.0 developers, with new frameworks and platforms emerging to support secure and interoperable blockchain communication.

Polygon, a prominent Layer 2 scaling solution, has revealed exciting partnerships with Fox Corporation and Ronin Network to drive blockchain advancements. By utilizing Polygon’s zero-knowledge (ZK) technology, these collaborations will boost scalability and security in blockchain gaming and media content verification.

Ronin and Fox Corporation: Leveraging Polygon’s CDK

Ronin, the blockchain behind the popular Play-to-Earn (P2E) game Axie Infinity, plans to use the Polygon Chain Development Kit (CDK) to enable the permissionless creation of L2s within its ecosystem. This move will allow builders on Ronin to create their own zk Ethereum Virtual Machines (zkEVM) L2 chains.

Jeff ‘Jihoz’ Zirlin, co-founder of Axie Infinity, sees this collaboration as pivotal due to the scalability improvements it promises. He also anticipates the potential for more games through permissionless deployment and stresses the importance of aligning Ronin with Ethereum, particularly through the AggLayer.

Fox Corporation is also leveraging Polygon CDK to launch an L2 chain. Working with Gelato’s rollup-as-a-service platform, Fox aims to transition its content verification tool Verify into a dedicated ZK blockchain. Polygon’s ZK technology will enhance Verify’s functionality, allowing it to prove the authenticity of registered media files transparently.

ZK Technology Goes Viral Amongst Builders

FOX News Partners with Polygon to Launch a Layer 2 Blockchain

The adoption of ZK models is rapidly increasing among Web3.0 developers and organizations. RISC Zero has launched zkVM 1.0, a zk-STARKs-based zero-knowledge verifiable general computing platform designed for DeFi app development across various blockchains.

Furthermore, Kadena has joined forces with Lurk Lab to create a cutting-edge ZK technology framework for ensuring secure communication across different blockchains on its highly scalable Proof of Work platform.

These developments highlight the growing interest in ZK cryptography as a means to create fast, reliable, and interoperable blockchains. The recent integrations and collaborations demonstrate a commitment to harnessing the potential of the ZK ecosystem.

According to data from CoinMarketCap, MATIC, Polygon’s native cryptocurrency, has experienced a 4.6% increase in value over the last day, now priced at $0.5724. This rise comes despite a 16.47% drop in trading volume, which now stands at $363 million.

MATIC remains among the top 20 cryptocurrencies by market cap, currently estimated at $5.68 billion. Over the past day, MATIC’s price has seen a low of $0.5148 and a peak of $0.5753. The token is currently trading 80.44% below its highest value of $2.92, recorded two years ago.


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