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Fidelium: the best of the exchanges in a single platform

The fluctuation of prices in exchanges is a reality that cryptography enthusiasts face every day. This happens because exchanges have their own prices, and therefore the price of cryptocurrencies varies significantly depending on the exchange in question.

This leads to the absurd situation in which a user often has to pay more for the same cryptocurrency only because it is doing transactions in a different exchange to others with lower prices. The people of Fidelium aware of this have conceived a solution about which we will talk here.

This considerable difference in prices by region requires a solution, because the truth is that if you wanted to exchange in different exchanges around the world to improve the price difference, you would need to create a different account for each exchange and go through the complicated and rigorous verification in each Exchange, with the loss of time and opportunities that this usually entails.

Fidelium has developed a cross negotiation platform that incorporates access to information in real time of the main cryptocurrency exchanges with the prices of the different ones presented in such a way that the user has at his disposal a touch of his device all the necessary information , and thus be able to carry out the transactions you want, sure to opt for the best price, and all from a single platform. Also thinking about facilitating the use and disposition of the cryptocurrencies in possession of the user, they make available their own debit card.

With this the Fidelium platform offers total freedom in the cryptocurrency trade regardless of the exchange or the region in which they are located, while providing a practical and viable option to spend cryptocurrencies in real life, as if fiduciary money were treat yourself.

Fidelium’s Fortress Online Trading System (OTS) offers a way to compare in real time and thus seek the best price by providing access to different exchanges around the world within a single platform, with the appropriate comfort and efficiency.

The user will thus be able to verify the different prices that a specific cryptocurrency is quoting in different exchanges, and determine what type of change suits him for his best price and decide to make the transactions in the exchanges that he desires in complete safety.

The user can buy any cryptocurrency that he wishes in any exchange admitted in the platform and sell it in any Exchange of the same.

One of the fundamental objectives of Fidelium is to provide people around the world with easier access to varied exchanges that they would not normally be able to access due to complicated requirements and discomforts.

Among the territories in which they are operating, the United States can be listed mainly, and on the way to expansion to markets such as South Korea, China, Japan and other major cryptocurrency markets.

The native token of the Fidelium platform is the “FID”, compatible with the ERC20 standard of Ethereum. The FID token is the fuel for the development of the platform. The vision of the people of Fidelium is that users can use FID like any other cryptocurrency and no doubt it will be.

To know more details about this platform, we recommend checking its White Paper, and joining at their Telegram channel to be updated on all its news.

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