Marketing agency Wunderlich Kaplan Communications accepts cryptocurrencies as payment

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Despite suffering through bad market times, cryptocurrencies continued to grow popular as a payment method as Wunderlich Kaplan Communications, a female-led public relations (PR) and digital marketing agency, has begun accepting cryptocurrencies as payments.

In an announcement on Tuesday, June 1st, Wunderlich Kaplan Communications announced that its Miami and New York-based firm was accepting cryptocurrency as payments. Initially, two projects have signed on for Public Relations services using stablecoins as payment.

According to the announcement, the first project is the Museum of Graffiti which is blazing a path in the NFT world. The other project to make payment in cryptocurrencies for Wunderlich Kaplan Communications PR services is Grow.House, a decentralized cannabis NFT game that educates users about cannabis, cryptocurrencies, and DeFi, using proprietary blockchain technology.

Dara Kaplan and Gwen Wunderlich are the two names behind Wunderlich Kaplan Communications. The agency’s clients include Charlotte’s Web CBD, MTV, Coca-Cola, Netflix, Fuji Film, Bergdorf Goodman, Maserati, Proctor Gamble, and Unilever. It is working with some of the top national brands, personalities, and emerging designers and implemented successful campaigns for an array of varying-sized clients, from publicly traded organizations to smaller start-ups.


Both executives of the agency believe that cryptocurrencies are the future and expecting a huge business boom as the cryptocurrency adoption and blockchain-enabled NFT industry is growing exponentially. Dara Kaplan, President & Co-Founder of Wunderlich Kaplan Communications, commented:

“It is important that our agency moves into the future and navigates through trends and uncharted territories and can do so for clients as well. Cryptocurrency is the way of the future and is here to stay. With the announcement of Goldman Sachs, and most recently, Wells Fargo looking to offer cryptocurrency funds to clients, along with Space X accepting altcoins, we are following suit. Clients have begun to ask to pay in the form and we have realized we need to evolve with the nature of our clients.”

Gwen Wunderlich, CEO & Co-Founder of the agency, stated:

“We are seeing a business boom here; we are seeing a huge focus on cultural movements in the art and NFT world. It seems as if brands are literally popping up overnight. I think we are going to see an explosion in the PR, Marketing, and events industry as the world opens back up.”

This shows that cryptocurrency adoption is growing at a pace. Most recently, Google Pay and Apple Pay have also allowed users to make purchases using cryptocurrencies through Coinbase’s Visa debit card.

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