Expercoin: Republics for globalized digital knowledge

Expercoin: Republics for globalized digital knowledge

When Artificial Intelligence and blockchain technology come together on the same platform, the result promises to be formidable. This is a reality that they have clear in the Harvard project incubator Experfy, who are launching their digital learning development platform for all areas of knowledge, joining Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain in their unique concept of Republics for globalized digital knowledge Expercoin.

The main idea of ​​Expercoin is to develop as an integral ecosystem to advance digital learning in the various branches of knowledge, and create relevant jobs for the digital economy generating great added value.

This vision of Expercoin is made concrete through an ecosystem of decentralized markets that work with AI and blockchain. These decentralized markets are in turn communities focused on specific issues, and which for the purposes of this ecosystem are called “Republics“.

These republics can exist for diversity of areas such as:

  • Republic of intelligent manufacturin
  • Republic of Nanotechnology
  • Blockchain Republic in Finance
  • Republic of Augmented Reality
  • Republic of Cloud Computing and so on.

The idea is to make this experience viable and possible for anyone wishing to establish their own republic through Expercoin. Thanks to this possibility, the experts in each subject will seek to obtain the “citizenship” in each Republic of their expertise and knowledge in order to create learning experiences, work of origin, and provide services, among other activities.

The citizenship of an expert to a Republic does not limit it in the Expercoin ecosystem, rather it allows it to become part of other republics through specific contributions, and to replicate the content or expert profile from one Republic to another.

In the Expercoin ecosystem each Republic can be formed quickly and can create a virtual economy with the potential to make a significant impact.

The republics of the Exercoin ecosystem will be able to carry out various activities that will encourage economic exchange. Among these activities are a Learning Marketplace, in which each republic can offer training courses through a learning management system powered by artificial intelligence.

Each republic will also have its own job board designed as a platform that brings together companies with specific consulting needs and numerous experts to provide services in all their fields of expertise.

The possibility of peer to peer financing is also one of the main functional characteristics of the Expercoin ecosystem for each republic. This will encourage students who have financial difficulties and who wish to acquire new skills but who the lack of financial resources to pay for the increase qualification to which they aspire. Each Republic will have the capacity to provide a financial aid mechanism for its citizens.


Each republic will also have its Corporate Academy, which is designed to help companies improve the training of their employees, providing user administration and control over the types of training content available within a company.

Expercoin has more functionalities for its republics that guarantee its ecosystem a platform that will impact the global labor market in an important way.

Expercoin has its own utility token, the “Expercoin” – EXPR -. This is an ERC-20 token, which will be used by applications, third party platforms, markets and programs in all republics to reward contributors, developers and participants in general. It is hoped that the “cross-border” exchange between the republics and the institutions outside the Expercoin ecosystem will allow Expercoin to increase circulation.

Currently the Expercoin token is in pre-sale, and will remain in that stage until September 30th.

In order to know more technical details about this interesting platform, we recommend checking its White Paper, and likewise we suggest joining at their Telegram channel to stay updated on all its news.