Ethereum’s Blast Network Skyrockets to $2.1 Billion TVL Before Mainnet Debut

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  • Blast has reached a total value locked (TVL) of over $2 billion, even before its official launch.
  • Despite the saturation of the Layer 2 market, it managed to attract an initial investment of $20 million from crypto venture firms like Paradigm and Standard Crypto.
  • The platform boasts an active community of 157,638 members, who are not only participating in the platform but also earning yields and “Blast Points”.

Ethereum’s Layer 2 network, known as Blast, has achieved a total value locked (TVL) of over $2 billion, despite not being fully launched on the mainnet yet. This demonstrates the growing interest and confidence in this platform even before its official launch.

Blast, introduced in November as a new entrant in the crowded Ethereum Layer 2 market, has caught the attention of investors and crypto enthusiasts alike. With an initial investment of $20 million from crypto venture firms like Paradigm and Standard Crypto, the platform has shown its ability to attract attention and financial support.

The success of Blast is reflected in its community membership, which currently stands at 157,638 people. These members are not only engaging with the platform but also earning yields and “Blast Points,” indicating active participation and sustained interest in the project.

Despite its initial success, Blast is not without criticism and concerns. Some have expressed concerns about its launch approach, particularly regarding the decision to launch a bridge before its L2 network and the choice to restrict withdrawals for three months. Additionally, questions have been raised about the centralization of the network and the security of its multi-signature setup.

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Blast Sets Itself Apart by Offering Additional Yields

However, Blast has continued to attract investment and attention due to its unique features. Unlike most Layer 2 platforms, Blast offers additional yields on staking tokens, including Ethereum and various popular stablecoins like USDC, USDT, and DAI. Furthermore, its promise of an airdrop in May has generated additional interest among users, contributing to the increase in TVL to $2 billion.

To foster innovation and growth within the Ethereum ecosystem, Blast recently organized a competition called the ‘Big Bang,’ which attracted over 3,000 participating teams. Out of these, 47 winning projects were selected.

When officially launched, Blast will become the third-largest Layer 2 network, according to L2beat data. With a constantly growing market and a committed community, it is poised to play a significant role in the future of the Ethereum ecosystem.


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