Ethereum takes off as it hits $ 750 barrier

Ethereum raises 750
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The altcoin Ethereum has just taken a ticket to upper price town as its USD/ETH exchange rate surpassed the $ 750 barrier last Thursday, according to data collected from CoinMarketCap.

In this new All-Time high for the second largest cryptocurrency in terms of market cap, its price took enough fuel to pierce through the aforementioned barrier and even grasping three dollars above it, thus achieving the $ 753.12 mark for the first time on December, 14th, at 04:44 UTC. Speaking of market cap, the charts indicate a top of 72.5 bln dollars and a transaction volume of $ 4 bln in 24 hours.

Some kitties behind the Ether price push up

It seems that the guy behind the CoinMarketCap’s charts just fell asleep or went distracted when a random cryptocat hopped on the keyboard and stepped on the trend up button.

But jokes aside, it looks like decentralized app (dapp) CryptoKitties have had some major influence in its most recent ATH, for it is responsible of processing more than $15 million worth on virtual felines. CEO Balaji Srinivasan has stated earlier this month that CryptoKitties owed its importance to the fact that it has demonstrated a key factor members of the cryptocommunity have been talking about for quite a long time: “frictionless international trading of digital assets (not just cash!) on a blockchain.”

cryptokitties ethereum

EtherDelta and some big companies also fueling Ethereum’s rocketship

There’s another dapp helping ether to maximize its price. EtherDelta, a project that aims to facilitate the trading of Ethereum-based tokens (which include almost all of ICO tokens existing as of today), is reported to be responsible of processing more than 80,000 transactions on a daily basis, contributing to the 820,000 total of transactions processed in Ethereum blockchain network per day. This represents more than all of the cryptocurrencies in the market, including Bitcoin.

But it doesn’t stop there, for there are news that important companies around the world, such as Barclays, Credit Suisse, Thomson Reuters and two more, have announced the adoption of Ethereum Network and its smart contracts in order to better check their databases in real time, thus attracting more investors to the scene.


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