Ethereum L2 Network Scroll Unveils Sessions, a Loyalty Program to Reward its Community

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  • Scroll has launched “Sessions,” a loyalty program to reward members of its community.
  • Users can earn “Marks” by participating in activities such as transferring assets to the platform.
  • The program will start with “Session Zero,” and more sessions are planned for the future, each with its own rewards and exclusive benefits.

Scroll is a blockchain platform aimed at fostering the development of a solid and participatory ecosystem. It has recently announced the launch of its new loyalty program called “Scroll Sessions.” The aim is to reward community members for their commitment and engagement in the ecosystem by offering a range of incentives and exclusive benefits.

With the program’s launch, users will be able to earn “Marks” by participating in various activities within the platform. These activities may include transferring assets to Scroll, such as ETH or wstETH, via the native bridge or STONE using LayerZero. Users can accumulate Marks simply by holding these assets on the platform, without the need for additional transactions. The program kicks off with “Session Zero.” Additionally, there are plans to introduce more sessions in the future, each with its own rewards.

Scroll to Provide Retroactive Rewards to its Most Loyal Users

Sessions will be characterized by retroactivity in the allocation of Marks. Community members who have been with Scroll since the beginning, i.e., since October 2023, will receive Marks retroactively for their contributions to the ecosystem. This demonstrates the platform’s commitment to its community and its appreciation for those who have been part of its growth from the outset.

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In addition to rewards, Scroll aims to make the program inclusive for all community members. They are actively working on introducing new features and events within the Sessions to maintain community engagement and interest.

To facilitate tracking of Marks and participation in the program, a dedicated user interface will soon be launched where community members can track their progress throughout the sessions and access relevant information about the loyalty program


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