Epic Games Takes Its First Step Towards Web3 by Including the Game GRID

Epic Games Takes Its First Step Towards Web3 by Including the Game GRID
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Epic Games is a renowned name in the gaming industry. In October last year, the rival of Epic Games, Steam took the initiative of banning web3-related games with any possible NFT or crypto hooks. However, in order to counter this, Epic Games took this as an opportunity and made it clear that it would continue to keep its doors open for such games.

In a recent development, GRID became the first web3-based game to show up on the Epic Games platform after its pro-web3 policies. A ride-or-die battle royale set in the wild west is the first NFT-powered title scheduled to be launched using the Epic Game’s store. GRIT is a free-to-play multiplayer game that would subsequently feature user-owned NFT assets. On the other hand, players would have the freedom to purchase, sell, and utilize them within the game.

Epic Games Brings GRIT Onboard to Excite Gamers

Epic Games has already established its reputation as a pioneer within the gaming industry. It is not only responsible for the creation of the gaming store, as well as the Unreal Engine but is also the developer of the critically acclaimed battle royale, Fortnite.

GRIT, developed by Gala Games, aims to provide up to 10,000 avatars for the game. The main reason for doing so is to offer unique and personalized looks or elements to the rightful owners. On the other hand, the firm is adamant about offering numerous unique avatars via their Gunslinger’s Box. Its sale is expected to begin anytime soon, right after Gala’s Galaverse in Malta.


As stated by the President of Gala Games, John Osvald, any of the firm’s games being available on Epic Games would mean a whole new legitimacy for this genre of gaming. Web3 games that provide easy access to players would subsequently serve as a turning point for the players with no prior experience of digital ownership. These platforms enrich the gaming experience of the users in the best way possible. The Epic Games platform is perfectly suitable for Gala games to launch their titles, as it has a considerable number of users.

On the other hand, Epic Game’s CEO, Tim Sweeny recently tweeted a welcome message for all the creators of similar games. He stated how his platform would welcome any games that utilize the use of blockchain technology. This would only be considered if they state all of their terms and conditions, follow all the required laws, and are verified from the perspective of age-grouping via authentic and concerned groups.


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