EOS, the keys to its success in its Dapps creation platform

EOS, the keys to its success in its Dapps creation platform
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EOS is a blockchain platform for the Development of Decentralized Applications [DAPPS]. The coin has very high functional similarity to Ethereum. It makes DAPPS development easy since it provides an operating-system-like set of services and functions.

EOS, second layer of Ethereum

EOS performs many functions similar to Ethereum but with much bigger capacity. It can hold up to a million transactions per second. The coin is known as the Ethereum Operating System because it sort of adds a layer on top of Ethereum to make the DAPP community’s dream a success. Running on top of Ethereum means that EOS’ market value remains tied to Ethereum’s.

The idea behind this cryptocurrency basically involves bringing together the best features of various smart contract technologies. An example is the computing support for Ethereum.

The EOS community works to provide one simple use, largely scalable DAPP platform for daily users. This Altcoin is a blockchain based decentralized system that enables the development, hosting and execution of DAPPS.

EOS allows its clientele to build blockchain based apps in a way that’s similar to the web-based apps, like, providing secure access, use management, data hosting and all other communications between DAPPS and the internet.

EOS, second layer of Ethereum

EOS Wallets

There are about three wallets supporting EOS. These include; Infinito Wallet– a mobile wallet, SimpleIEOS Wallet that works on desktops and a web wallet called Scatter Wallet. The token is accepted on a number of crypto exchange markets, one of them being Binance and over $370 million traded everyday by BTC, USDT and Ethereum.

The EOSHackathon

The EOS Global Hackathon series is a unique event in the world of blockchain, serving the Block.one’s goal of supporting of a decentralized global community to maturity. Block.one will be hosting a series of events in San Francisco this weekend and a huge number of EOS fans are looking forward to the event.

The Hackathon challenge is expected to start on the 10th of this month. The challenge will be released on the day of the event so as to ensure a levelled playing field for all participants.

With the high demand for speed, scalability, and flexibility in the crypto ecosystem, EOS aims to provide these features. Also, the coin seems to have very huge capability to control and solve problems linked with the standard based blockchain networks.


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