EOS Launches Wrapped RAM (WRAM) to Revolutionize Real-World Assets Tokenization

EOS Launches Wrapped RAM (WRAM) to Revolutionize Real-World Assets Tokenization
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  • EOS launches Wrapped RAM (WRAM) to tokenize RAM and increase liquidity.
  • WRAM can be listed on external exchanges, expanding its visibility and tradability.
  • WRAM offers operational flexibility and security under the direct management of EOS Block Producers.

EOS has taken a significant step in tokenizing real-world assets within its ecosystem by introducing Wrapped RAM (WRAM).

The introduction of WRAM revolutionizes resource management by enabling the trading of RAM resources on major exchanges and offering greater visibility into the EOS RAM market through platforms such as CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.

RAM is a limited resource essential for blockchain operations.

However, its traditional handling was limited to the EOS system, but WRAM offers a wide range of capabilities by tokenizing native RAM.

It provides 1:1 tokenization with no fees, can be moved off the blockchain, is tradable on exchanges, and can be used by multiple wallets, making it a more versatile and accessible option compared to traditional RAM.

Although WRAM shares similarities with BRAM, the key difference lies in its direct management by EOS Block Producers via system-level account permissions, ensuring security and facilitating listing on high-end centralized exchanges.

EOS Launches Wrapped RAM (WRAM) to Revolutionize Real-World Asset Tokenization

The introduction of WRAM mirrors the EOS native system RAM offering

This allows for accurate market capitalization calculations and highlights WRAM’s role in showcasing the potential of RAM in the blockchain space.

Furthermore, the implementation of WRAM was executed meticulously, incorporating stringent security measures such as multi-signature proposals and undergoing a comprehensive security audit conducted by BlockSec.

These steps were crucial in ensuring the integrity and reliability of the WRAM system.

In summary and as a result, the launch of WRAM represents a substantial leap forward for the platform, as it significantly enhances the liquidity and accessibility of its valuable resources.

This initiative not only streamlines the process of RAM trading on major exchanges but also serves to considerably amplify market visibility through well-established platforms.

This increased exposure not only attracts more participants to the ecosystem but also instills greater trust and confidence among investors and users alike, paving the way for broader adoption and utilization of EOS resources.

WRAM opens up new opportunities and use cases in the ecosystem and beyond, supported by secure and transparent management under the EOS Block Producers.


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