EOS-Based Social Network Voice Announces Human Sign-Up; an Alternative for KYC

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Voice launched a new sign-up process for users that acts as an alternative for Know Your Customer procedures. The new Human Sign-Up process will streamline the user verification process and is secured by the fundamental blockchain-based technology of Voice.

Blockchain Fighting Fake Accounts

One of the biggest challenges in traditional social networks is the fake account problem. These accounts are robots that bombard the social platform with spam, scam, misinformation or any other malicious content. Social networks don’t have efficient solutions to fight fake accounts and robots.

Although they deploy some means like account verification or KYC procedures, there are still lots of fake accounts active in renown platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Besides, the KYC process isn’t efficient for all of the users, and the difficulty of providing identity keeps regular users from verifying their accounts.

voice platform

Voice is a blockchain-based social network on EOS network that focuses on solving significant challenges of current social platforms. It has a strict guideline to fight fake accounts and policies let each person have only one account. The process of keeping this policy has been complicated before, but the new Human Sign-Up will make it more straightforward. It focuses on the humanness of each user. Every new user on Voice platform has to provide name and a biometric photo in the Human Sign-Up process to verify themselves.

“We create a 3D image for each user, which allows us to verify that each new community member is a living and unique human being. The 3D images are similar to what your phone stores to enable Face ID. These images are stored on our secure servers that are not accessed by any other service or company. As always on Voice, we will never share your personal data without your consent. With these updates, the new sign-up process is just 4 steps.” said one of the product managers of the Voice team in a blog post.

Voice removes the current process of providing government documents to verify the user’s identity. So, it will be easier for mainstream users to join the platform and also be sure about not being threatened by fake accounts.

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