EOS-Based Charity UpLiftNation Published EOS Starter Guide and Other Tutorials on UpLiftDAO

EOS-Based Charity UpLiftNation Published EOS Starter Guide and Other Tutorials on UpLiftDAO

UpLiftNation is one of the newest projects utilizing EOSIO. This project aims at bringing charity to blockchain to use the benefits of decentralized networks for more transparency and security in philanthropies.

The project is now running and has to solve multiple challenges to run smoothly on EOS. Besides, adding new users to the system consists of more problems for the team.

The principal goal of the UpLiftNation project is to use the transparency and security nature of blockchain to connect charities and combine their capacities.

“Uplift Nation is a transparent blockchain network of non-profit organizations with a common goal to deliver the tools, education, and resources that will help empower communities to become healthy, self-reliant, and sustainable,” according to project’s website.

UpLiftDAO is one of the essential parts of the UpLiftNation project. It an educational and social hub focused on content. Users can view and add content libraries on this platform. As a result, a series of comprehensive, informative articles in the various skill fields will publish.


UpLiftNation seeks broad topics in UpLiftDAO, but recently some tutorials about blockchains and particularly EOS were posted on the platform. These tutorials will be beneficial for donators, too, Because of UpLiftNation accepts donation in EOS. So, the philanthropists need to have an EOS account and holdings.

The new educating material on UpLiftDAO covers beginner processes in print and video format. Beginners interested in the EOS community can use tutorials to get started with famous wallets and services.

One of the most critical educational materials on UpLiftDAO covers the process of getting an EOS account. It explains the procedure for three EOS wallets – Wombat, TokenPocket, and Meet.One.

Another tutorial content available on UpLiftDao is the Scatter Starter Guide that covers the process of creating an EOS account on the desktop platform using a Scatter wallet.

UpLiftDao is still in very early stages and surely needs way more content to attract people. The website and its educational hub want to “enable those around the world to do and become better.” Hence, the UpLiftNation team has to publish more educational content on that website.

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