EncryptoTel Set to Open a Sales Office

EncryptoTel Set to Open a Sales Office
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As part of its revised business model, EncryptoTel will open a franchise sales office in one of the Russian cities. Per an email sent to investors, EncryptoTel new sales offices fall in line with its revised marketing strategy, and now it will focus more on its sales department.

Through the letter EncryptoTel team said,

“Before we go full-blown on our launch, we are striving to make our products more competitive in the global market. That’s why we have now set the balls rolling to see the franchise sales office opened in one of the cities in Russia. Once the office is set up, we will have a readily available environment to test the performance of our business models together with theories. Furthermore, the office will enable us to respond well to service demand from our customers.”

EncryptoTel Refuses to Pay High Prices for Listing of Tokens

Although EncryptoTel has refused to pay the exorbitant prices for tokens listing on crypto exchanges, it is going the extra mile to make its products unique. The latter forms a critical feature of the revised marketing strategy. Together with expanding its workforce, EncryptoTel is working on creating new and unique telecommunication products which can compete favorably with other products on the market. While commenting on the above Roman Nekrasov, CEO of EncryptoTel said;

“At EncryptoTel we seek to create not unique but high-quality products which lures exchanges into listing ETT tokens.”


Apart from the above EncryptoTel is also working on more developments to make its products stand out in the market. For its app released in 2018, EncryptoTel is working on updates and has scheduled them for release in the next few months. The updates will rectify inconsistencies discovered together with fix bugs that came up during testing. For testing its app, EncryptoTel turned to its community. It is through their feedback that the updates are coming out in the next few months.

Similarly, EncryptoTel is working on getting SDK vendors running successful applications to integrate an SDK application in their network. Through SDK testing specialists, support staff and developers will save hundreds of working hours. Moreover, the SDK will help simplify the creation of stable applications.


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