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Electroneum does it have what it take

The Electroneum project was launch in September of the past year, since then it has gathered many supporters with great features and the potential it shows, with its unexpectedly fast growing rate the true question is will it be able to climb to the top of the cryptocurrency market.

The Electroneum purpose is not different than cryptocurrencies purpose in general that is try to find a way outside the traditional banking to make trade and exchange goods, on this side Electroneum follow the path of most the cryptocurrencies but the true innovation of this platform is the way it makes it easy for anyone to manage and transfer their asset, the startup is aiming to reach the people that eighter don’t have access to the traditional banking system or just prefer overpass it, the platform also claims to enhance the global financial system making the life of the bank easier since they are used to skyrocketing fee, in resume the platform is making the so important link between the traditional bank system and the people that do not possess bank account.

The platform says having for purpose mostly unbanked people all across the world and, that is probably why they choose as their main spreading tool the most used device in the world that is the smartphone, indeed, they said that their platform is available on all smartphone allowing any user to enjoy transaction outside the banking system.

Recently they launched their cloud mining support for android user and the feedback has been quite positive, with users saying how easy and convenient it is to use, but so far no real bullish ride for Electroneum that is trading now at 0.0066, it could be correlated with bitcoin bearish move but anyway, Electroneum is definitively worth attention in its future growth.

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