EigenLayer’s LRT Enhances StaFi’s Liquid Staking as a Service Ecosystem

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  • StaFi integrates EigenLayer’s Liquid Restaking Token (LRT) into its Liquid Staking as a Service (LSaaS) stack as part of its roadmap.
  • The addition of LRT follows EigenLayer’s successful deployment on the mainnet, allowing LRT developers and operators to enhance restaking efficiency on the platform.
  • The LRT stack introduces key features such as restaking, withdrawing, minting, burning tokens, as well as managing restaking pools and delegating operators.

StaFi, a leading staking infrastructure provider, has announced an expansion of its service package with the integration of EigenLayer’s Liquid Restaking Token (LRT). The integration is aligned with its roadmap and aims to develop its ecosystem.

The addition of LRT to the Liquid Staking as a Service (LSaaS) stack comes shortly after EigenLayer’s successful deployment on the mainnet. The new functionality will enable LRT developers and operators to leverage the full potential of the platform to enhance development efficiency and restaking accessibility.

Liam Young, founder of StaFi, noted that “the integration of LRT into the Liquid Staking service represents a significant advancement for developers, who can now create restaking products that leverage shared security across multiple chains.”

The LRT stack introduces a range of key features, including the ability to restake, withdraw, mint, and burn tokens, as well as manage restaking pools and delegate operators. These functionalities will be further enhanced with EigenLayer’s upcoming update, enabling LRT developers and operators to build more robust and efficient solutions.

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StaFi Seeks to Innovate and Transform its Identity

Furthermore, StaFi plans to continue providing support for other types of LRT in the future, such as Karak LRT and eventually BTC LRT. They aim to diversify and continuously improve their platform to meet the needs of their user community.

StaFi is focused on innovation through collaboration. Its 2.0 vision represents a complete transformation of the platform, turning it from a multi-chain protocol into an LSD infrastructure layer. The update will also include a refreshed brand identity and enhanced security features.

The integration of LRT into StaFi’s LSaaS stack is a necessary step to drive staking development, opening up new opportunities for LRT developers and operators and solidifying StaFi’s position as a leader in the DeFi space.


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