EARNET: Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence for efficient online advertising

EARNET: Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence for efficient online advertising
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One of the most fascinating and promising utilities as a whole, is the double blockchain and artificial intelligence -AI-. This conjunction of cutting-edge technologies will significantly impact the course of many things in the short and medium term. The people of EARNET know this and with that conviction they bring us their platform.

When we talk about web advertising, EARNET seeks to position itself at the forefront. This platform aims to solve various problems in the existing performance marketing industry and create new values ​​with the use of blockchain and AI. This platform includes merchants, publishers, consumers and PCs (quality controllers), who inspect the quality of the contents.

Performance marketing

Performance marketing is one of the most used concepts in web advertising and is commonly referred to as “affiliate advertising”.

Performance-based ads do not require merchants to pay large sums of money just for the publication of their ads; on the contrary, they are paid every time there is consumer interaction in the ads.

These interactions can request information material, click on the ads to access merchants’ websites, buy their products online, sign up for membership, visit their stores and know their performance approval conditions.Earnet2

In this way merchants can know their numbers when talking about advertising included in their products / services. On the other hand, publishers are trained to publish advertisements.

Therefore, marketing on this platform offers beneficial results for both merchants and publishers and EARNET serves as a springboard for rapid worldwide dissemination and reaching target audiences to which we as advertisers wish to allocate the product or service.

Clients can trust the transparency of advertising because EARNET will release all the transaction data and automate the approval process with the use of IA.

The platform will be responsible for reducing rates and increasing the rate of return -ROI- by using Smart contracts and AI. Likewise, the platform that will be decentralized and that connects the merchants and publishers directly, will not need third parties (advertising agencies, financial institutions, external payment systems) to fulfill their duties.

The functions of these parts will be supplanted by intelligent contracts and artificial intelligence, so the margin / intermediary rates will be considerably reduced.


EARNET also give prominence and importance to consumers.

The platform will create mechanisms to reward the activity or the interactions of these in the advertising network. For the times that they see advertisements, make purchases and / or apply for membership, EARNET will award them with rewards for their contribution to the approval process by paying them with the EARNET token, so there is an economic incentive that will also help to measure reception levels of the public towards the campaigns or announcements.

This innovative advertising platform allows the values ​​to be transferred using the EARNET token. In other rooms, advertisers and publishers will be able to perform global marketing tasks without having to worry about borders and rights.

To learn more about this interesting platform and its EARNET token, we suggest you check its White Paper, and join at their Telegram channel to be up to date on all its news.


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