Dymension Announces its Mainnet Is Live. Why it Could be One of the Best Projects to Follow in 2024?

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  • Dymension’s Mainnet goes live, aiming to add an additional dimension to the Interchain through modular rollups.
  • Its Hub is focused on ensuring the economic security of the ecosystem, establishing a decentralized network of validators, and ensuring the optimal operation of the network through IBC and bridges.
  • They will progressively introduce RollApps to the Mainnet, starting with RollApp X, and advancing towards a permissionless phase, fostering decentralized innovation.

The launch of Dymension’s Mainnet marks a highly significant achievement in the development of the blockchain ecosystem. Conceived two years ago, its goal is to add an additional dimension to the Interchain by creating a modular Internet of rollups.

This innovative approach seeks not only to improve the efficiency and scalability of blockchain networks but also to foster widespread adoption of blockchain technology by providing a more accessible and versatile platform for developers and users.

Dymension’s Hub represents the starting point. It focuses on ensuring the economic security of the ecosystem, establishing a decentralized network of validators, and ensuring a sufficient amount of delegated stake to support the optimal operation of the network. Additionally, work will be done to integrate with other crypto protocols through IBC and bridges, thereby strengthening the interoperability and connectivity of the blockchain ecosystem as a whole.

As Dymension progresses in its development, RollApps will be progressively introduced, which are rollup-based applications designed to offer different functionalities and services within the ecosystem. These RollApps will be implemented in phases, starting with RollApp X, which will be the first to be deployed on the Mainnet. Through a transparent and participatory governance process, the integration of new RollApps into the ecosystem will be evaluated and approved, allowing for an organic and sustainable evolution of the ecosystem.


Dymension Will Change the Fundamentals of Application and Service Development

Once the ecosystem’s foundations are established, Dymension will move towards a phase of permissionless RollApps, where the need for approval by governance for the integration of new applications will be eliminated. This will foster decentralized innovation by allowing developers from around the world to actively contribute to the growth and development of the Dymension ecosystem.

Finally, Dymension aspires to become a true Internet of RollApps, where a wide variety of crypto applications and services interact seamlessly and decentralizedly. This vision of a prosperous and autonomous blockchain ecosystem, interconnected globally, seeks to revolutionize not only how we interact with technology but also how we conceive and develop applications and services in the digital world.


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