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dPoW, what is it?

Delayed Proof of Work (dPoW) is a second layer mechanism that is responsible for providing an extremely high level of security by protecting each blockchain integrated with the power of the bitcoin network, in addition to the common consensus rules in a blockchain .

dPoW (Delayed Proof of Work)

The operation of this mechanism is divided into the following steps:

  • Choice and validation of the block to be notarized by the Notary Nodes.
  • Consensus among the Notary Nodes to see that 13 notaries participate in the process.
    The KMD network is notarized, making a transaction to the KMD blockchain, which saves the Hash of the chosen block.
  • Notarize on the BTC network, Notaries perform a transaction to the bitcoin network to save a KMD block hash in the BTC blockchain.
  • Once the BTC network confirms this transaction, the Notary Nodes transmit it to the KMD network, which provides total immutability of each notarized block.
  • Then the Notary Nodes communicate to each network protected by dPow that the notarization has been completed.
  • This process is repeated approximately every 10 minutes. If an attacker were to gain control of one of the networks, he could not modify any of the notarized blocks.

The Notary Nodes of Komodo

Komodo offers a network of Notary Nodes fully decentralized and distributed globally consisting of 64 nodes, of which 30 are chosen by the community, 4 nodes are reserved for developers and the 30 most notorized during the year are automatically renewed.

These Notary Nodes are responsible for guaranteeing the immutability of data in the Komodo blockchain to increase network security.

About Komodo


The Komodo project began to be built in 2014, since its launch the Komodo team has pioneered the development of dozens of innovative technologies.

“Komodo is the world’s most advanced blockchain platform. Built atop a composable, multi-chain architecture, Komodo’s Antara Framework gives every project a fully customizable Smart Chain that can natively support games, contracts, and apps.” They say on their website.


When people don’t know about a subject it gives them distrust. Blockchains are something relatively new and many people have never heard of them, others have heard but do not understand them and only a minority has been informed about them and knows their technology.

Blockchain security is essential for technology to thrive. People leave their fears aside and begin to trust it, which is why the developers of the different projects put their best efforts to improve this part. Komodo and its dPow have advanced a great step on this path.

Even so, many blockchain are not safe, so they become the target of hackers. In the last 2 years there have been 12 attacks of 51%, which in addition to large economic losses cause people to distrust the sector.

dPow secures more than 30 blockchains from different projects and has successfully defended 51% attacks.

In addition, dPow is compatible with all UTXO-based block chains, whether or not they were created on the Komodo blockchain.


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