DineroOne: intelligent cash drawer for routine handling in cryptocurrency

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The DineroOne platform has been conceived to allow the use of cryptocurrencies for the payment of day-to-day consumption. Seeking to solve the main problem faced by cryptocurrency holders regarding their use for routine payments DineroOne will also act as an ATM for cryptocurrencies.

With the rise in the acceptance of cryptocurrencies by more users around the world, it is convenient to have the possibility of using cryptocurrencies in everyday life, such as in restaurants and coffee places, however it must be admitted that the current infrastructure does not allow it in a massive way. Now it is beginning to evolve in solutions that point to that massive normalization of the use of cryptocurrencies like any other fiduciary currency in everyday uses.

DinerOne is a project that will benefit the digital space and the physical world alike, and will help transform the way we handle cryptocurrencies today.

DineroOne wants to make cryptocurrencies viable for companies and thus make them viable for their clients. It is a multi-purpose solution that will help businesses and cryptography enthusiasts alike, encouraging more widespread use of cryptocurrencies.

DineroOne Cash  is the solution to the daily problems that companies usually have when handling cash daily. The DineroOne multipurpose cash drawer will make the transactions more secure and simple using cryptocurrencies mainly.

Among the features of DineroOne we can mention: Pay with cryptocurrencies, ATMs everywhere, Automatic Cash Account and All in One Solution. This multipurpose CashOne cash drawer also has the ability to count cash in real time. In addition, it also counts cryptocurrencies, credit card transactions and displays the respective data on the screen. On the other hand the same data will also be simultaneously available in the application for smart devices.

With the purchase of DineroOne Cash Drawer, the client will have a free portable POS device, which will be used for both card payments as well as for payments with cryptocurrencies. The cash drawer will calculate the price of the cryptocurrency in particular depending on where it is located, or an exchange rate can be established for each cryptocurrency.

Another method of income generation of the company that develops this multipurpose cash drawer is by charging a commission to merchants for credit card and cryptocurrency transactions. Part of the commission will go to the company and investors. Another alternative that will be put into practice is to license the software used by the smart teller. The approximate charges for the licensed use of the software are € 0.99 / month for remote software and € 9.99 a month for the main ATM software.

Investors will be rewarded with DNRO tokens – the native token of the platform – according to their investment in the crowdsale. After the crowdsale, the token will be included in the exchanges so that it can be negotiated. Investors become shareholders of the company that manufactures and sells the cash drawers. They will be entitled to 30 percent of the annual profits from the sales of the multipurpose ATMs.

The Token of DineroOne

The DNRO token is compatible with the ERC20 standard. For the crowdsale phase 350 million tokens will be generated that can be paid with Bitcoin and Ethereum. The initial price of DNRO will be one euro for five tokens. The crowsdale will last from April 1 to May 12, 2018.

To have more details about the project, as well as news, we recommend checking its Whitepaper and follow them on their Telegram channel.


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