DeFine Partners with Tron to Build NFT Ecosystem Tron Network

DeFine Partners with Tron to Build NFT Ecosystem Tron Network
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The social NFT platform DeFine announced a new partnership with the Tron network with a focus on building the NFT ecosystem on that blockchain.

The most important product of the partnership is building a community on Tron for artists, musicians, influencers, gamers, and athletes to interact with their fan base and provide NFTs or fan tokens. Tron can benefit from the new community tools and expand its presence in the NFT industry.

Comprehensive Tools for NFT Lovers on Tron

The NFT industry is still on the growth path, with many major blockchains supporting marketplaces and platforms that offer NFT solutions. Tron is one of the most active blockchains in this area, with ambitious plans to attract as many artists and users as possible. The latest partnership with the social NFT platform DeFine is another step toward completing the offerings.

The DeFine platform facilitates interaction,s engagements, and social activities with a focus on NFTs. With the new launch on Tron, users can benefit from various opportunities of this blockchain, among which low transaction fees and speed are the most interesting ones.

APENFT, the popular NFT platform on Tron, is a part of the latest partnership with DeFine. The social platform will integrate APENFT to source valuable NFTs in the global marketplace. It results in better initial growth for the community and brings the current APENFT artists and buyers to the platform.

DeFine platform has many components that help shape an NFT community. It provides social activity tools as well as the needed infrastructure for connecting, following, and interacting with digital artists. As mentioned before, anyone that can create an NFT can enjoy the DeFine social platform. With the social infrastructure in place, artists will have more opportunities to offer their products to their fan base that comes with more opportunities for successful sales. DeFine has special plans for Tron users on its platform. According to the announcement:

“After the integration with Tron, we will explore providing special badges for the Tron ecosystem users and expand our partnership with the services to provide additional perks for the badge holders. We look forward to the growth of both communities through the integration and partnership with Tron!”

Tron, one of the oldest and most popular blockchains in the industry, introduced an NFT standard named TRC-721 in March 2021. With the development and improvement of BTFS, the Tron ecosystem is now completely ready for any kind of NFT production and distribution. Now, the DeFine social platform helps it grow faster and attract more artists as well as buyers.


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