Decentralized Perpetuals Exchange dYdX Has Successfully Upgraded to v5.0: Here’s What’s New

Decentralized Perpetuals Exchange dYdX Has Successfully Upgraded to v5.0: Here’s What’s New
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  • dYdX Upgrade to v5.0: The decentralized perpetuals exchange dYdX has successfully upgraded to version 5.0, introducing several innovative features aimed at enhancing user experience and expanding market possibilities.
  • New Features and Enhancements: The v5 upgrade introduces isolated markets and margins, batch order cancellation, and automated liquidity provider strategies.
  • Incentives and Growth: In line with the v5 launch, dYdX is preparing for its fifth season of user incentives, planning to distribute $5 million in DYDX tokens and introduce new reward systems.

The perpetuals exchange dYdX has announced the successful upgrade to its version 5.0. The upgrade, which is set to be fully rolled out next week, marks a new era for the platform, introducing a host of innovative features that promise to enhance user experience and expand market possibilities.

The dYdX community has shown strong support by voting overwhelmingly in favor of the v5 upgrade, with an impressive 98.4% majority. This vote highlights the community’s confidence in dYdX’s vision and dedication to constant enhancement.

DYDX New Features and Enhancements

The v5 upgrade brings several key enhancements to the dYdX platform:

  • Isolated Markets: Breaking away from the shared collateral pool model, v5 introduces isolated markets, allowing for up to 800 new trading pairs.
  • Isolated Margin: Traders can now manage risk more effectively with isolated margin positions, providing greater control over individual trades.
  • Batch Orders: The new batch order feature enables the cancellation of up to 100 short-term orders simultaneously, streamlining the trading process.
  • Liquidity Vaults: Automated liquidity provider strategies are set to be introduced, further optimizing the trading ecosystem.

Integrating New Price Oracles

Decentralized Perpetuals Exchange dYdX Has Successfully Upgraded to v5.0: Here’s What’s New

dYdX v5 also integrates new price oracles from Slinky and Raydium, enhancing the accuracy and latency of price updates. These integrations are pivotal in maintaining the integrity of market pricing on the platform.

Season 5 Incentives

With the v5 launch just around the corner, dYdX is getting ready for its fifth season of user incentives. This time, the campaign plans to give out $5 million in DYDX tokens and unveil fresh reward systems, such as a multiplier for DYDX stakers and boosted points for trading.

From Ethereum to Cosmos

In 2017, Antonio Juliano laid the foundation of dYdX, an exchange built on the Ethereum platform. However, as time passed, dYdX underwent a remarkable transformation. It shifted gears and embraced a dedicated Layer 2 appchain, and more recently, it made a leap to a Cosmos-based appchain with its v4 launch.

This strategic migration has propelled dYdX to the forefront of the DeFi realm, drawing substantial investments and cementing its position as one of the leading protocols.

A Look at the Numbers

With a total value locked (TVL) just shy of $500 million, dYdX stands among the top 20 DeFi projects. It ranks second among perpetual DEXes, trailing only GMX. The platform’s growth is further evidenced by its impressive $120 billion in cumulative trading volume, a testament to its robustness and the trust of its users.

The v5.0 upgrade of dYdX is a testament to the platform’s commitment to innovation and user-centric development. With its new features and incentives, dYdX is poised to continue its trajectory as a leading force in the DeFi landscape.


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