Decentraland announces its Marketplace, buy, sell and manage your land

Decentraland anuncia su marketplace
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From its official blog, Decentraland has announced the launch of its Marketplace, where we can buy, sell and manage our land. This is the first of several tools that they want to launch for the management of assets within Decentraland.

What can I do in the MarketPlace of Decentraland?

In this platform, created to improve the user experience, we can perform various functions such as:

  • Publish your Land to sell, determine the sale price and set a maximum date for the operation.
  • Buy Land for sale, give them a name and write their description.
  • Transfer your Land to other users.
  • Control your parcels and visualize the contributions you have made in different districts.
  • Use the map to explore the world of Decentraland and find out who owns the Land you want to buy.

The Marketplace is easy to use, we only have to log in, unlock our wallet and it is almost ready to be used.

The wallets admitted in this platform are:

  • Metamask
  • Mist
  • Ledger

The last step before being able to carry out transactions or manage our account in the Marketplace of Decentraland is to authorize the platform to make changes in your account and let it operate with the MANA and LAND in your name. This process is explained in a configuration page available to the users. Once this step is done it is ready to be used.

They warn on the website that you must make sure to always use the same wallet when acquiring or wanting to acquire Land since otherwise these lands will not be shown in the account.

mapa de colores decentraland

The Atlas View of Decentraland

The location of the land can increase or decrease its value. That is why the Decentraland team has created its Atlas View, a map that will show us the exact place where the plot we want to buy is located, so we will know if it is close to the center or a road.

Shopping at the Marketplace

In addition to seeing the LAND from the Atlas View, in the Marketplace we will have a quick view of all the land that is for sale at this given time, its transaction date and price. These lands may be sorted by seniority, their most expensive or cheapest value or the time remaining for the sale to end.

Rates of Decentraland

Decentraland will charge only small gas commissions (cost of transactions in Ethereum) which are requiered by miners. Apart from this small payment no other type of commision will be charged.

The Decentraland team are enthusiastic about this project and want the user experience to be better and feel that consumers should be the true kings of their own content.


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