Decentral Games Receives Fund from Binance Smart Chain

Decentral Games Receives Fund from Binance Smart Chain
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Binance Smart Chain announced investing in the metaverse-native GameFi DAO, Decentral Games as part of its $100M fund. The investment is part of an accelerator program in the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem to support projects that boost the network and community.

Decentral Games will use the new investment to grow its services and blockchain metaverse on BSC. The team has numerous plans with a focus on the play-to-earn concept in its games.

Supporting Innovative Projects

Investment funds and grants aren’t new in the blockchain ecosystem. Many projects and known blockchains run funds to help new projects and small teams grow faster in their ecosystem. Binance Smart Chain is among the top ecosystems when it comes to supporting new projects. Decentral Games is the newest fund receiver from this ecosystem. The team focuses on GameFi concepts like decentralized games, NFT markets, and etc.

BSC ecosystem is always looking for new projects that can help it attract more users and developers. Decentral Games can be one of the most attractive new ones. Samy Karim, the BSC Ecosystem Coordinator, said:

“The BSC ecosystem bolsters a range of NFT, Infra, and GameFi projects that have accelerated the growth of crypto with a multitude of real-life use-cases. We’re constantly looking to collaborate with projects that help new users navigate an easy entry point into DeFi. With Decentral Games paving the way for GameFi projects to connect crypto with entertainment, play-to-earn incentives models have a higher scope for better mass adoption. In line with the investment, we will support DG and help it flourish in the BSC ecosystem.”

Decentral Games focused on various concepts around gaming on blockchain. 3D metaverse games on the blockchain are one of the most popular groups of their creations. Besides, the games are focused on both consumer and business customers. NFTs, play-to-earn games, wager-based games, and 3D virtual events are some of the products that Decentral Games develops and will bring to the BSC ecosystem.

The new fund will help DG develop metaverses faster and add to its current gaming offerings. The fund adds to previous investment by numerous big names of the industry, including Digital Currency Group, Polygon, Decentraland, Arca Funds, Hashkey, and Collab+Currency.

The play-to-earn concept is one of the most attractive things about Decentral Games. The team is dominant in this concept. The play-to-earn rewards players for their participation in the game environment. It results in a loyal community of gamers that helps the metaverse games grow faster. Now, BSC can benefit from this concept by investing in the team and bringing their products to the network.

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