CZ’s Latest Venture Aims to Revolutionize Kids’ Learning, But There Will Be No New Tokens

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  • Changpeng Zhao (CZ) announces Giggle Academy, a new educational project aimed at children.
  • Giggle Academy seeks to offer a fun and free learning platform, using gamification elements to make the educational process more accessible and entertaining.
  • Although Giggle Academy will reward students’ progress with points, scores, and digital badges, it will not employ cryptocurrencies on its platform at this time.

Changpeng Zhao (CZ), who once led Binance as its co-founder and CEO, recently announced his new project, Giggle Academy. This initiative arises after his resignation from the exchange and aims to offer a fun and free educational platform for children. Zhao described Giggle Academy as a “gamified” and adaptive tool, designed to make learning accessible and entertaining for children, especially those who currently cannot attend school.

The main goal of Giggle Academy is to provide engaging and adaptable basic education. The platform aims to make learning addictive, using points, scores, leaderboards, and digital badges known as NFTs to reward students for their progress. It is important to note that, although Giggle Academy intends to make learning fun and rewarding, it will not use cryptocurrencies on its platform at this time.

CZ has made it clear that his goal with Giggle Academy is to create a positive impact on the world through education. After reflecting for several months on his next step after Binance, he decided to embark on this educational project for children. By doing so, he aims to provide access to quality education for free and in an accessible way for those who may not have the opportunity to receive formal education.

cz changpeng zhao binance

CZ Wants to Leave a Legacy Through Free Education

This announcement comes at a time when CZ is facing legal issues related to Binance. Last November, he admitted guilt to charges related to inadequate anti-money laundering measures on the platform. As part of a legal agreement, he stepped down as CEO of Binance and agreed to pay a significant fine. Currently, he faces the possibility of being sentenced to prison, although the decision has been postponed until the end of April.

Despite his legal challenges, CZ is determined to continue contributing positively to society through Giggle Academy and other future projects. His vision is to use technology and innovation to improve people’s lives, especially children, by providing them with educational opportunities they might not otherwise have. With Giggle Academy, he hopes to leave a lasting legacy in the field of education and make a significant difference in the lives of young people worldwide.


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