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Cryptocurrency Exchange Gemini Enters the Australian Market

As the 12th country when it comes to Bitcoin trading volumes, it seems Australia has been on the eyes of the Winklevoss twins for quite some time now. However, the wait is finally over since Gemini is now available in Australia.

Now Aussies can store, buy, or sell different types of cryptocurrencies such as litecoin, zcash, ether, bitcoin cash, and bitcoin via Gemini crypto exchange. However, while all the other cryptocurrencies will be at their disposal, the Gemini dollar won’t be available. Besides using the crypto exchange, Aussies will also have access to Gemini iOS and android devices.

“We are more than happy Gemini is now available in Australia, and we believe in giving Aussies a trusted and safe platform to execute their trades. We founded Gemini to build trust in the cryptocurrency sector and look forward to working on that in Australia.” Tyler Winklevoss, Co-founder, and CEO of Gemini.

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Although Australia is the sixth-country Gemini is launching its exchange in, it has a presence in 49 states in the US and in other states. Some of the other countries include the United Kingdom, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

Apart from expanding its footprint globally, the Winklevoss twins are also making more advancement on their platform to make it the most trusted exchange. By focusing on building an institutional-grade exchange and custody solution, the twins working alongside the following principles compliance, transparency, and security.

Through building trust in its customers, Gemini can venture out and launch its exchange in various regions. Apart from venturing into trading cryptocurrencies, Gemini is also working on getting a broker-dealer license. Plans are already underway to apply for the permit from the US Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.

In addition to working on its platforms, the twins are also employing more experts. It is just recently that they hired David Damato as the exchange’s chief security officer. Damato will use his 20 years of experience as a cybersecurity expert to ensure Gemini exchange is safe.

As Gemini Australian branch takes its place in the market, for the twins, this is yet another chance for them to broaden its market outreach. Besides that, Gemini Australia will enable the twins to surpass its 24 hr. trading volume of $35.8 million.

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