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Ethereum, the decentralized platform created by Vitalik Buterin and its cryptocurrency Ether [ETH] is considered the second largest cryptocurrency in the world after Bitcoin and that is why news about Ethereum is one of our priorities.

It was launched on July 30, 2015 and one of the main characteristics of this cryptocurrency is the possibility of creating smart contracts, which are capable of securing, executing and enforcing agreements between two or more parties.

In this section you will have access to all the latest news related to Ethereum, improvements in the project, alliances with companies and other news that happen every day and on Crypto-Economy we want to make them arrive to you as soon as possible.

Ethereum hardfork Constantinople [ETH] will arrive around mid-January

Ethereum hardfork Constantinople [ETH] will arrive around mid-January

The contentious Ethereum Constantinople hard fork gets a tentative release date. Mid-January 2019, date was agreed upon by Ethereum core developers during...
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Trading platform Localethereum updates its UI

Ethereum exclusive, peer-to-peer trading platform Localethereum has just launched an upgraded version of its user interface, in addition to several new features that will...
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Ethereum’s new All-Time High: USD 470

Ethereum’s official token, Ether (ETH), has just reached a new All-Time High in its price, being quoted at $ 470 per coin – at...

Aztec Network Introduces World’s First Ethereum Layer-2 Scaling Solution With Privacy at its Core

Aztec, a London-based private transaction network on Ethereum, has introduced Aztec 2.0, the world’s first Ethereum layer-2 scaling solution that uses zero-knowledge (ZK) technology...

Ethereum [ETH] – Ethereum-based Blockchain Company Consensys Announces Grants Program

Consensys, a blockchain based company founded and run by the Ethereum cofounder Joseph Lubin is launching a grant program to promote application development...
Ethereum [ETH] – Creator of CryptoKitties Launches Ethereum Wallet to Enable Easier Interaction with NFT Tokens

Ethereum [ETH] – Creator of CryptoKitties Launches Ethereum Wallet to Enable Easier Interaction with...

Dapper Labs, the creator of blockchain gaming fame CryptoKitties has released a new kind of crypto wallet that makes use of a smart contract...
Vitalik Buterin wishes that centralized crypto-exchanges 'burn in hell'

Vitalik Buterin wishes that centralized crypto-exchanges ‘burn in hell’

Ethereum’s co-founder Vitalik Buterin, stated on June 6 at the TC Sessions Blockchain 2018 event in Zug, Switzerland, that he would like to see...

Chinese School Officials Caught Mining Ethereum [ETH] on School Property

Two Chinese school officials from Puman Middle School in Chenzhou, Hunan Province were caught running mining rigs for Ethereum cryptocurrency on school property....
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Millions in grants offered by the Ethereum Foundation for scalability solutions

Through a couple of subsidy programs, the non-profit overseer of Ethereum development will support researches aimed to develop blockchain scalability solutions, according to a...
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Evolve Funds Launches Canada’s First Multi-Crypto ETF Starting with Bitcoin and Ether

Evolve Funds GroupEvolve Funds Group Inc. has launched Canada’s first multi-crypto ETF on Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) starting with Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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