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Se espera que el último bloque sea minado en el año 2140

17 million Bitcoins has been mined; only 4 million left

World’s largest cryptocurrency by market cap Bitcoin has just reached 17 million coins mined of the 21 million threshold set ...

Large companies increasingly dominate Bitcoin mining

Large companies increasingly dominate Bitcoin mining

The vision of Satoshi Nakamoto, the inventor of Bitcoin was to create a peer to peer decentralized platform that would ...


Québec scientist believes criminality is not caused by Bitcoin

The opinions and criticisms that have rained about cryptography, and in particular about Bitcoin, tend to point towards the usability ...

Fiat money is like bitcoin according to the federal reservation of st louis

Bitcoin is like Fiat money according to the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Although we are accustomed to hearing many cryptocurrency detractors mark Bitcoin and Altcoins as a scam, it seems that the ...

Ex-ceo of paypal says that bitcoin is scam

Ex-CEO of Paypal says that Bitcoin is a scam

The former CEO and co-founder of Paypal Bill Harris has stated in a publication for Recode where he gives his ...

The Baltic countries increasingly accept more Bitcoin payments

Bitcoin Payments are Getting More Popular in the Baltics

The Baltic republics mostly do not have any form of regulations governing cryptocurrencies and its usage. This seems to have ...

ethereum is more decentralized than bitcoin

Ethereum is more decentralized than Bitcoin, according to a study

A study done by Cornell University shows that Ethereum blockchain network is more decentralized than Bitcoin, thus changing the perception ...

The high transaction fees of Bitcoin may have been resolved

Bitcoin’s High Transaction Fees May Have Been Solved With Segwit Adoption

Months after some exchanges adopted the SegWit protocol, it has been noticed that BTC transaction fees have stabilized at reasonable ...

Big families buy Bitcoin

Well known families do not want to waste the Cryptocurrency market

There are indications that big investors have been keeping an eye on Bitcoin. With the coin prices stabilizing, it is ...

Some bitcoin millionaires boast

Bitcoin millionaires boast of wealth

Bitcoin has been described as a disruptive technology. What many of us are aware of is that it has created ...

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