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Bitcoin the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2018Bitcoin News is increasingly common, among many other reasons, because it is the strongest cryptocurrency in the ecosystem, the currency with the highest value in the world, the most accepted currency and the one with the highest market capitalization.

Since its launch in early 2009, Bitcoin has established itself as the first decentralized p2p monetary system, opening a door to new ways of understanding the economy, outside the control of large central banks that monopolize money and its issuance.

In this section we offer the latest news related to Bitcoin and its technology that is changing the world.

Bitcoin [BTC] Sees Unprecedented Capital Inflows; Here's What It Means

Bitcoin [BTC] Sees Unprecedented Capital Inflows; Here’s What It Means

Bitcoin's price has continued to gyrate below the psychological resistance level of $60K. This rendered swing trade probabilities unattractive. But 2021 is the...

Michael Saylor’s MicroStrategy Is All Set To Buy More Bitcoin

Impact of Business intelligence firm, Microstrategy announced the sale of $600 convertible senior notes due 2027 in a private offering to "qualified institutional buyers"...
Cryptomarket falls again, Bitcoin drops to almost $ 5,800

Cryptomarket falls again, Bitcoin drops to almost $ 5,800

Yesterday, the cryptomarket slipped significantly, losing approximately 24 billion dollars in market capital, at the time of writing this article its capitalization is 256...

Approaching Tax Season May Be Contributing to Falling Bitcoin Prices.

In the United States some new investors are waking up to the reality that they are owing taxes on bitcoin and altcoin gains made...
Bitcoin could end the year below expectations

Bitcoin May Close the Year lower Than Previous Expectations

Forbes reports that their interactive Bitcoin Price Estimator has been readjusted to reflect present realities in the price of Bitcoin. According to earlier report,...
Germany accepts Bitcoin as a payment metod

Bitcoin will be accepted as a currency for payments in the German tourism sector

At a time when Europe is preparing for the entry into force of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), which will affect many companies...

The return of Segwit2X after its cancellation?

The times that bitcoin lives from meteoric rises and the consequences that imply have also brought another complication: the hard forks. Last November bitcoin...
Bitcoin [BTC] and Ethereum [ETH] to hit $100,000 at $5,000 resistance: Report

Bitcoin [BTC] and Ethereum [ETH] to hit $100,000 at $5,000 resistance: Report

After a phenomenal ride, the world's two largest cryptocurrency assets have a long way to go. According to Bloomberg Intelligence analyst Mike McGlone's predictions,...
Bitcoin [BTC] Does Not Correlate with the Expiration of Futures Contracts

Bitcoin [BTC] Does Not Correlate with the Expiration of Futures Contracts

When Bitcoin futures were launched last December by the CBOE and CME, it was to the coin community a herald to institutional involvement with...

Tesla’s Q2 Financial Report Confirms It is Holding Bitcoin

Tesla’s Q2 financial report has confirmed Elon Musk earlier claims that his electric automaker has not sell any Bitcoin. The company’s Q2 unaudited balance sheet shows a net Bitcoin value of $1.311 billion as of June 30, which is same as of March 31, considering the $23 million impairment loss related to Bitcoin and other.

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