Inbuilt Crypto Wallet Feature in Samsung Galaxy S10 isn’t Available to All Users

Inbuilt Crypto Wallet Feature in Samsung Galaxy S10 isn't Available to All Users

For phone manufacturer Samsung manufacturing the Galaxy brand for more than a decade isn’t a joke but to mark its 10th year in the market, Samsung wanted to do it with a bang by releasing the Galaxy S10. While the Galaxy S10 checked all the boxes when it came to regular smartphone features, Samsung had a specific inbuilt secure storage feature for its crypto customer base in the crypto space.

The above feature is a crypto wallet feature put in place to cater for the crypto community needs of securing their private keys. Besides that, the crypto wallet in Samsung Galaxy S10 was designed to help crypto users have an easy way of making their crypto transactions without a hassle.

In addition to the secure storage, Samsung also created Blockchain Keystore a standalone app to house all the crypto transactions securely. However, while the S10 model was available for sale for 900 US dollars, it didn’t meet the demands of users in the crypto community.

Many felt duped after purchasing the Samsung Galaxy S10 model anticipating to leverage the secure storage feature to their advantage only to discover the features are only available in the US, Korea, and Germany. The S10 brand was up for sale from March 8, 2019, in 70 states with Samsung set to make it available in 130 countries by the end of March.

Many felt duped after purchasing the Samsung Galaxy S10 model

Users Took to Social Media to Complain

One user from Australia went directly to the manufactures twitter wall and inquired on how to activate the crypto features only to be told they aren’t available in his country. On the other hand, some took their complaints to social media platform Reddit complaining the app isn’t available on neither google store nor galaxy store.

Some even complained that they are in the US but can’t access the crypto services in the S10 model. One user also pointed out that it seems the S10 model goes with the carrier. Per the Reddit’s user description the S10 didn’t work with her carrier only to discover another user still in the US was able to access the crypto feature but with another different carrier.

Although the crypto features attracted a massive following from digital coin users, the recent developments aren’t acting in favor of Samsung. However, the phone is excellent for day to day usage.